Cat bed

Where to Put Cat Bed? Top 11 Places

How many times have you wished you could trade lives with your kitty? All that sleep, all that snuggling, all that good food…cats have a pretty good life. They also sleep twice as much as humans – as much as 15 to 20 hours each day.

To give your furry feline the best rest possible, it’s important to place their bed in a calm and quiet place. But how do you know where to put your cat’s bed in order to give them the best Zzzz? Based on cat sleeping habits and preferences, here are nine of the best places to put your cat bed so kitty can get their dozen or more hours of shut eye – in complete comfort.

#1: On Your Bed


Does fluffy hang out a lot on your bed? Consider placing their bed on your bed so the two of you can snooze together, while giving kitty the peace and quiet to sleep when you’re away. Cats love warm, cozy places to sleep, and there’s really no better place that ticks all those boxes than your bed. When you’re in for the night, the two of you can catch up on your fave Netflix series together while lying in complete comfort.

While kitty can use your bed as their bed, giving them a designated space will give your cat a routine and keep your bed free of hair – and allergens. If you catch your cat snoring, you know that’s a good sign. It means they’re in bliss!

#2: Under Your Bed

Under bed

Some cats love hiding away when they sleep. If you have space under your bed, you might want to try placing your cat bed there so that Fluffy has a cool, snuggly hideout. Like humans, cats get the best sleep when they’re away from noise and other disturbances. Under your bed is the perfect spot for keeping them happy and chill. And if they have that one designated space, they’ll always know where they can find their chillout spot. They won’t have to search your home looking for a place to sleep.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t change places from time to time. Even though your cat has their own bed, it won’t stop them from occasionally lounging on the sofa or windowsill.

#3: On the Sofa


Cats love to sleep on soft, cushiony surfaces, which is why you’ll often find Fluffy curled up on the sofa when you come back from work. To give them a little extra comfort, put a blanket, cushion, or their bed down on the sofa so that they have a designated place to sleep, while protecting your sofa from hairs and scratches.

If cosying up to your kitty is one of your fave things to do, the sofa is the next best thing to your bed. They’ll definitely be happy hanging out there.

#4: In Your Home Office

Home Office

Most cats like to be close to you when you’re sitting or sleeping – unless the area where you’re located is noisy. If you spend a lot of time in your home office, this would be a great place to put a cat bed. Quiet, secluded, and in close proximity to you, your cat will be over the moon getting their 10+ hours in your office. If you only work in there for a couple of hours each day, don’t worry. Your cat can still catch up on naps while staying next to you. Then, when you’re done, you can both move into another quiet room such as the bedroom.

Having your cat next to you while you work will also give you the motivation to work harder and faster so that you can enjoy snuggle time asap with your fur baby.

#5: On the Top of Your Bookcase

Book shelf

Ever noticed how your fur baby loves to curl up on the top of furniture? According to experts, cats love to sleep high up – a habit that comes from their ancestry. Cats have an innate instinct to protect themselves, and an elevated sleeping area gives them a perfect view for spotting any potential threats.

In the wild, cats climb to get away from larger predators, and also to be able to see smaller prey. Climbing up high is a natural instinct of cats, and it’s an instinct you’ll see in your domestic kitty.

You don’t need to place your cat bed somewhere too high up, but it might be worth putting it on top of furniture like a bookcase or cabinet.

#6: In a Quiet Corner of the Kitchen


If you go out to work and you’re out of the house for a few hours every day, create a calm environment for your cat to give them the perfect excuse for a snooze fest! Another convenient place is the corner of the kitchen.

This is an ideal spot if you want to limit your cat’s access to the different rooms in your house. For instance, if you don’t want them lying on your bed or scratching your sofa, put their bed in a room where little destruction can be made, like the corner of the kitchen.

#7: On the Windowsill


Ever noticed how wet, dreary days inspire you to curl up under the covers and snooze? Cats are no different. When it’s wet and cold outside, you’ll notice your cat yawning more and sleeping longer. By putting their bed on the windowsill when it’s rainy outside, your cat will almost instantly fall asleep. On top of that, some cats like to be nosy and see what’s going on outside, so placing their bed by the window will give them some spying time!

It doesn’t need to be a permanent place, but it’s definitely worth re-locating the bed to the windowsill on rainy days to inspire your cat to sleep.

#8: Next to the Radiator


Since sleeping is an essential part of your feline’s life, make sure you give them a sleeping spot that supports all of their needs. To ensure they use their bed, place it somewhere warm and cozy, like next to a radiator. They’ll be purring for hours in deep bliss!

#9: On the Porch


On warm, sunny days, cats love hanging out outside. If your porch gets a lot of sun, put kitty’s bed outside and let her soak up the sun as she snoozes. Of course, this isn’t a permanent place as you don’t want their bed getting wet or blown away. However, it’s definitely a great place to put a cat bed during the summer months when she’s craving a little chill and sun!

#10: On Top Of The Fridge


This does depend what type of fridge you have. However, if you have a large fridge with plenty of space at the top, its an ideal place for a cat bed.

Your feline will have a high vantage point to look over the kitchen and scour their surroundings. The top of the fridge is also high up away from any dangers, which gives them protection and makes them feel safe.

You may have issues with them observing your cooking, but if your careful it shouldn’t be a problem.

#11: On Top Of  a Wardrobe

Cat on top of wardrobe

There is normally a flat surface on top of big and tall rectangle wardrobes. Its an absolutely perfect place for a cat bed. Not only will they stay warm and cosy in your room, but they are also high up.

Just like placing a cat bed on top of the fridge they have a good observation point to see what’s happening around them. If you have any other pets or small children they are away from those dangers.

Heat also rises. Being away from the cooler ground floor will mean a warm and cozy place to sleep and nap.

The additional benefit is keeping large clumps of cat hair from getting from getting on your bedroom floor. The place where your cat sleeps will always be where they shed hair the most.