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Top 10 Dog House Door Ideas

So you’ve just bought (or built!) a house for your dog and now you’re wondering which kind of door to install to make your dog house a home. Dog houses are great for giving your furry friend their own space (and you, yours) and the right door can make going in and out a breeze for your canine. That said, there are a few things to consider before buying a door. For instance, do you want your dog to be able to go in and out when he pleases? Or maybe you’re looking for something that you have more control over so that he doesn’t escape. Or perhaps you’re looking for a bit of both – something that’ll give your dog the freedom to have his potty time and playtime whenever he chooses without letting critters in.

There are many different types of dog house doors to choose from. From sliding to electronic smart doors, here are some of the best and most creative dog house doors you can choose from.

Adjustable Flap Door

PetSafe Plastic Dog and Cat Door, Large, For Pets Up To 100 lb, Paintable, Easy DIY Installation, Security Cover Included, Install in Interior and Exterior Doors or Walls, Durable, Adjustable Flap

With this adjustable plastic flap door, your dog can go outside for potty breaks and playtime anytime they like. It’s large enough for dogs up to 100 lbs. Plus, it’s easy to install. It features a snap on closing panel, allowing you to have full control of your pet’s access and avoid stray animals from entering. Alongside this, it boasts a vinyl flap with a magnetic closure so that your dog can go in and out whenever he pleases while still giving you control over your pet’s access both inside and outside of the dog house.

You can install it into a dog house or into your house. Either way, it’s an excellent way to let your dog have the freedom to go outside without letting intruders in.

Sliding Door

MAVRICFLEX Weatherproof Dog Door with Sliding Lock Panel, Energy Efficient Rugged Aluminum Large Dog Door, Easy Installation, Magnetic Flap Heavy Duty Dog Door for Dogs Up to 100lbs

This cute sliding door features an aluminum frame and a 17” x 11” flap so that your dog can easily go out for potty breaks while still giving you full control thanks to its locking system. It also boasts a waterproof function – achieved by its UV-resistant flap and magnetic closure. All these features make this door a winner either for your home or your dog house, keeping the warmth in and intruders out, while giving your canine the freedom to go out.

It’s also easy to install, and is suitable for large dog breeds. Whether or not you’re a handy person, this dog door will be a breeze to install.

Best of all, it’s quite a stylish door. If you’ve created or bought a stylish home for your pet, you don’t want an ugly door ruining the aesthetic. This door is guaranteed to add a little sophistication to your dog’s home.

Saloon Doors

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats - Door Mount Dog Door with Lock and Key - Silver, Large Sizes

In order to stay fit and healthy, most dogs need a lot of exercise, fresh air, and play time. These saloon style panels give your pooch the freedom to go outdoors when he feels like it. That said, they also have a fastening feature, allowing the doors to close automatically without banging so that your dog doesn’t get scared.

As these panels are made from dual thermopane, they offer maximum energy efficiency. In other words, they’ll keep the heating and cooling inside the house. If you live in a severely hot or cold climate, these doors are your go-to for keeping the house the perfect temperature.

These doors also come with a lock, key, and security plate so that even the strongest of dogs won’t be able to get in. Your dog will be safe in his house with these durable doors.

Electronic Smart Door

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor - Collar Activated Dog and Cat Door - Small to Large Pets

Looking for a dog house door upgrade? Look no further than this electronic smart door. You can customize your pet’s access using the door’s programmable selective entry, exit and auto-locking features. Since it works with the waterproof smart key worn on your dog’s collar, only your pooch can get into their house – no other dog can, since they won’t be wearing the smartkey. That said, if you have multiple pets in one house, you can get up to 5 smart keys so that all of them have access.

If you’re a fan of smart technology, you’ll love these smart dog doors. At the end of the day, we all want the best for our dogs. If you spend a lot of time at work and your dog is at home a lot, the best thing you can do for your pooch is to let him have access outside and inside. This way, he can go for potty breaks when he likes and enjoy playtime when he feels like getting a little exercise. It makes your life easier and his, plus you’ll be promoting a better, happier life for your canine. Not only that, it’s a pretty neat door in general that’s fun to use – and to watch your dog use!

Vinyl Flap Door

TRIXIE Natura Vinyl Door Flaps Small Cottage Dog House | 9.5 in. x 14.25 in, Clear Plastic, (39590)

This has got to be one of the best dog house door options for pet owners on a budget. Sure, they might not be as stylish or sophisticated as some of the other doors on this list, but they get the job done. Since the purpose of the door is to let your dog go in and out when he pleases, these will definitely do.

Featuring weather-resistant vinyl, these flaps won’t get damaged if it rains, snows, or gets overly windy. They fit a door opening of 9.5 in. x 14.25 in. While they don’t have fancy locking systems, these dog house flaps will keep the dog house warm and dry. Plus, they’re easy to install – with all hardware included.

These vinyl flaps are a great choice if you’re looking for budget-friendly dog house doors. The only downside is that they don’t have any locking system, meaning they won’t be able to prevent other dogs or strays from getting inside.

Mesh Gates

Got a dog that likes to escape? Some people put their dogs on chains, but let’s be honest: that’s completely inhumane. Try adding mesh gates to your dog house so that you can have peace of mind that your dog won’t escape again. Unfortunately, he won’t have the freedom to go in and out when he likes. You’ll have to manually open the gate to let him outside. However, if you’ve got a dog that loves to escape, this might be a good option for keeping him safe. Just make sure the house itself is spacious enough for him to move around. Otherwise, he’ll just end up getting cooped up in there – and unhappy at you.

Personally, I don’t recommend keeping him locked up in there all day, but it’s definitely a great way to let him outside, see new things, and get some fresh air. Plus, these doors offer the benefit of not allowing other animals to enter.

Wooden Gate

Want to give your dog’s house a rustic feel? This cute little pad has the cutest rustic wooden gate. Since it comes with a lock, you have full control over your pet’s access. If you don’t like the idea of your dog running in and out when he pleases, this gate ensures he stays in when you lock it and that he can go out when you open it. If you’re a chill pet owner, you might even decide to keep the gate open all day long (at least until night) so that he has full freedom to roam outside whenever he’s in the mood.

A Human Door

How cute is this mini door? It looks like the owner has combined two doors in one house: a flap door and a mini human door. Not only does this look adorable, but it’s also pretty practical since it offers double insulation for your doggy house, while keeping critters out of the house. There’s even a cute little door mat that reads “Wipe your paws!”

If you’re looking for something more unusual when it comes to your doggy door, this is it. Plus, it gives you control over your dog’s access since you can lock the human door whenever you please.

Acrylic Door

This cute acrylic door lets your pooch look out and see his surroundings, while also letting a lot of natural light in. Since dogs love to see what’s going on, it’s probably better to give him a transparent door. Plus, it’ll ensure his overall wellbeing. The doors also feature a lock so you have full control over his access.

While I wouldn’t recommend keeping your dog cooped up in a house this small all day, it would definitely be convenient during those times when you don’t want your dog getting under your feet. For instance, in a house renovation or something like that.

You could even take it with you on vacation if it’s small enough so that you always have him in one place.

Steel Door

Dog House with Steel Door – All Weather Indoor Outdoor Pet Kennel for Small to Medium Dogs,– No Tools Assembly, Side Porch, Front Entry, Ventilation, Drain Holes, Waterproof (L 32" x W 27" x H 26")

This sturdy steel lockable door will keep your pooch safe while giving you full control over their access. It also allows air and natural light inside while letting your pooch look outside at their surroundings. Since dogs like to see what’s going on outside, it’s definitely worth getting a door that they can see out of.

While there are some disadvantages to this type of door (it’s not automatic, your dog can’t come and go as he pleases), it’s a perfect choice for dogs that like to escape. If you’re struggling to keep your dog in your grounds, this door lets you choose when they can go in and out.

Open Dog Door

You don’t always need a door for your dog house. Sometimes the best designs are the most simple which is why no door may be an option.

Benefits are you can see what your dog is doing inside. Its also easier to clean. There are no dangly flaps to dust off or pick up dirt as the dog goes through.

Your dog can also walk in and out on its own without any obstructions. An open door allows plenty of air too. If its summer you can keep your dog cool.