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Top 13 Screamingly Annoying Dog Toys

Duke was a master at removing the squeakers from each and every dog toy. Every new toy was destroyed in minutes, and the louder they squeaked, the more determined Duke was to get to that awful, annoying squeaker inside.

After he conquered the toy, he would run in circles doing his victory dance, demonstrating his ability to squeak the squeaker out of the dead toy. Every new toy was a new challenge for Duke to drive us all crazy with the annoying squeaking toys.

If you love your dog – or hate someone who owns a pup – you might be interested in these top 13 screamingly annoying dog toys. Perhaps you want to seek revenge on your older sister for years of taunting you.

Maybe you want to get back at your boss for all the extra work. Or perhaps you just want to annoy your dog. Regardless of your funny or sinister motives, you’ll definitely want to take a look at these annoying, irritating, and awfully amusing dog toys that will keep you and your dog fully entertained.

Crackle Heads Ball by JW

Crackle Heads Crackle Ball Crunchy Noise Chew Fetch Toy for Dogs Assorted Colors, Large 4" Diameter

Do you have one of those pups that always runs away with your disposable water bottle? Some dogs just love chewing on bottles for that satisfying and highly annoying crackling sound. You can save your water bottles and entertain your dog with the Crackle Heads Ball.

If your doggo loves chewing on water bottles, they’ll love this super loud toy.

This ball has a thick and safe outer rubber skin full of bite-able holes. But on the inside is a crunchy plastic, just like the plastic you’d find in your water bottle. But the best part (at least for your dog) is the crackling, popping, crunching sound that is incredibly loud!

The vanilla-scented sturdy toy will keep your dogs attention for hours as they crunch and crackle away.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Interactive Dog Toy, Fun Giggle Sounds When Rolled or Shaken, Pets Know Best, As Seen On TV

If your dog loves balls and lots of noise, the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball will drive you bonkers. It rolls and spins. Every time the ball turns over, it makes a squeally squawky giggle sound sure to drive you nuts.

The faster the ball goes, the louder it gets. Small pockets in the ball make it easy for your dog to grab, no matter how big or small they are. They can push, roll it, throw it, and chase it while the toy squeaks away.

Your dog will spend hours chasing this ball all over your house – and driving you crazy in the process!

The Screaming Chicken

15 Packs Rubber Chicken Screaming Chicken Squeeze Novelty Squeaky Noise Shrilling Shrieking Squawking Chicken Noisemaker Novelty Gadget for Dogs Pets, 6.3 Inch

The Screaming Chicken is a large, hard rubber squeaking chicken toy. You can find them in different colors and with different sounds. But they all have one thing in common: a loud, annoying squeak that will reverberate in your poor little ears.

For the most annoying results, buy one for each of your pups and let them go to town, chewing, running, and squeaking the toys like crazy. Of course, your dog will be happy and entertained, but you might want to find some earplugs.

The Polka Dot Pig

3 Pack Polka Dot Pig Dog Toy

If squeaking isn’t for you, you might be totally annoyed by this grunting pig. Best yet, the grunting pig comes in a three-pack for triple the suffering! Your dog will love the brightly colored pigs with adorable polka dots and bright, panicked eyes. Unfortunately, you won’t be nearly as glad as your dog when this toy arrives on your doorstep.

As your dog chews the toy, it makes a grunting oinking sound that will keep it interesting for your dog.

Rawhide Chews

chewy bone treat

What’s more annoying than a squeaky toy? A slimy, gross, chewed-up rawhide. I could handle the squawkiness, but when Duke got his hands, or paws, on a piece of rawhide, all bets were off. Somehow, it was always my job to clean up Duke’s rawhide mess.

He would chew and chomp and drool, and I knew the time was coming when I would have to clean up the slimy, leftover mess. Duke was always so happy to have a fresh new rawhide, but when I saw them, I just wanted to hide from the mess!

You, too, can have a glorious mess to clean up after your dog happily chomps away on a rawhide bone.

The Kong

KONG - Classic Dog Toys with Easy Treat Peanut Butter Dog Treats, 8 Ounce - for Large Dogs

It sounds like a good idea, in theory. A dog toy that you squish full of peanut butter. Your dog will go nuts, licking and chewing and chasing to get all of that yummy goodness from their toy. It will keep them interested and active, so they don’t chew your slippers instead.

But if you ever need to clean that toy – and you will – you’ll have a terrible time getting out the old, crusty peanut butter from the inside. You’ll waste so much time scrubbing while your dog sits not-so-patiently by your side, demanding more treat time.

So perhaps you should stick to giving your dog some peanut butter on a spoon.

Dog Water Fountain

Wags & Wiggles 12" Drinking Fountain for Dogs | Dog Water Fountain | Outdoor Splash and Spray Toy for Dogs | Paw-Shaped Press to Activate | Dog Sprinkler Toy, Drinking Fountain Water Dispenser

Does your pooch love playing in the hose? How about this doggy water fountain? All your pup has to do is step on the platform to activate the stream of water. They can lick it, lap it, and play in it all day long, and you don’t have to do a thing.

Sounds dreamy, right? Until it turns incredibly annoying because your dog is sopping wet – all of the time! Your dog won’t ever want to stop playing with this water fountain toy. And the last thing you’ll want is a wet, smelly dog plopping into your lap when it’s time to go to bed.

You can watch it here:

Teething Rope

Askhald Dog Toys, Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive chewers, Puppy Dog Training Treats Teething Rope Toys for Boredom, Dog Puzzle Treat Food Dispensing Ball Toys for Puppies Teething Small Dogs (Blue)

Do you have an aggressive chewer and tugger? Then a teething rope might be just the thing to annoy you! This nubby ball is attached by an elastic rope to a suction cup. Suction cup it right to your floor, and your dog can tug, chew, pull, and toss all it wants without you having to do a thing.

Of course, be careful because your dog’s strong jaws might just pull up your floor tiles. Worse yet, this ball might snap back and hit you right in the kneecap as you pass by your tugging doggy.

Chances are, your dog will love it so much they’ll pull it right off the floor and take off with their new toy, just like this dog did!

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball - Interactive Chew Dog Toy - Large

Are you tired of talking to your pet? Then, let the Talking Babble Ball do it for you! This motion-activated toy will talk, giggle, and growl at your pet, inspiring them to play with it even more. What’s even worse is when the ball rolls out of sight, and you can hear it babbling non-stop, but you can’t find it!

The Talking Babble Ball is a hard plastic ball that’s meant to be rolled around on the floor. Don’t toss it or throw it to your dog, or it could injure them. Instead, just leave it on the floor and let it do its thing.

This ball will talk your ears off, and you’ll be so annoyed you’ll probably regret the day you gave it to your pup.

You can see how annoying it is here:

Floppy Fish

SUNFATT Floppy Fish Dog Toy,Fish Toy,Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats USB Charging,Cat Chew Toy Can Kick and Chew,Simulation Fish Toy Made of Cotton and Short Plush.Kitten Teething Catnip Toys.

And if squeaky toys and rawhides weren’t annoying enough, you might try a Floppy Fish. This rechargeable toy can be used for hours and hours until it dies, and then you can recharge it all over again.

Once your doggy touches or bites the funny fish, it will turn on all by itself. It flips, and it flops like a mechanical fish, flopping around your living room, attracting even more attention from your excited pooch. This floppy fish will drive you – and your dog – crazy.

Dog Puzzle Toy

RETALPQ Dog Puzzle Toys,Dog Treat Puzzle,Dogs Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training ,Interactive Dog Toys, Mental Enrichment…

One of two things will happen if you give your dog this toy. Either your dog will outsmart the puzzle and gobble up all of the treats, or he’ll get so frustrated that he’ll break the toy and get all the goodies at once.

Either way, this toy is more annoying for the dog than the dog owner. That is unless you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on this toy, thinking it will entertain your dog for a good long time.

But take our word for it! Get one for your doggy and see how annoying it is for yourself.

The Dog Rope

Feeko Dog Rope Toys for Large and Medium Aggressive Chewers, 2 Pack Heavy Duty XL Dog Rope Toy for Large Breed, Indestructible Dog Chew Toys, Tug of War Dog Toy, 100% Cotton Teeth Cleaning

My dogs loved to play tug-of-war. It was rather fun with my Cockerspaniel, Abby. She would gently tug and happily wag her little tail while I sat on the floor relaxing. But when I played with Duke, it was an entirely different story!

The dog rope was incredibly annoying to play with when Duke was around. Duke was a loving, innocent golden retriever – but he was practically the size of a house. He could tug that rope so hard that he would pull me off my feet and send me toppling over the edge of the couch.

The toy only got more annoying the more excited Duke became. He drooled, and I desperately clung to that wet, slimy rope as he yanked and yanked, knocking me over once more.

But watch your fingers! Because the more Duke played, the more likely he was to grab your pinky by mistake!

So while I was trying to tire the doggy out, he wore me out all the more! Of course, the old-fashioned rope is a winner in your dog’s eyes, but to me, it was an annoying mess.

Tennis Balls

Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz Fetch Dog Toy, Medium, 6-Pack

My dogs have always loved playing with tennis balls. They seem to have just the right amount of squish to exercise and entertain their strong jaws. But after a couple of tosses, those tennis balls end up slimy and disgusting.

The dogs don’t seem to care their ball is full of drool, though, so you can play fetch with a gross ball for hours! But if you want to make it even more annoying, try one of these squeaking tennis balls.

They’ll ramp up your dog’s energy level even more as they chase and squeak and slime up these Squeaker Ballz.

Squeaker Ballz are made of sturdy rubber, so they can bounce, squish, and squeak to your heart’s delight. In addition, they’re available in multiple sizes and colors so that you can pick the right one for the size of your best friend.

Most Frustrating Dog Toys

Do you know what happens when your dog runs out of these annoyingly awesome toys? They turn to your stuff to find some good quality entertainment. If you leave them without toys, they’ll find their own, and suddenly you discover just how frustrating these items are when they become your pup’s next favorite toy:

· Your favorite shoes

· Your child’s stuffy

· Cardboard tubes

· A roll of toilet paper

· Your third grader’s science project

To avoid some of these items becoming a disastrous toy, make sure you’ve got plenty of annoyingly good fun to keep your doggy occupied when you aren’t around.

Better to endure the squeaking, squawking, slimy toys than to have to replace your kids’ toys, science projects, and your wardrobe!