Cat inside cardboard box

Where Do Cats Like to Sleep?

My kitty is both an indoor and an outdoor cat. He loves to roam free, catch mice, and take lots of naps. He goes outside early in the morning and comes back for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He usually sleeps inside at night and rarely goes out through this cat door until the sun is up.

However, he must feel safe and comfortable both inside and outside because I find him napping in all kinds of crazy places. Typically, cats like to find places that are small, hidden, and protected for when they nap. These types of spots help them feel cozy, but it also helps them feel safe from predators.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the crazy places that kitties like to sleep! Of course, we’ll mention some great kitty beds and cat trees, too, so you can help your kitty find a great place to snooze. Let’s get started!

The Front Porch Steps


Late in the evening, my cat likes to soak up just a little bit more outdoor time – just like a kid. He waits until the very last minute to come inside for his evening meal. Lately, I’ve been finding him draped across the front porch step, happily watching the cars go by and snoozing until I demand his presence in the house. Seems like a crazy place to sleep, where he could get stepped on or fall, but he’s quite happy to rest there for a good long nap.

Under a Broken Bench


On my back porch is an old, dilapidated bench that no one can sit on any more. I’ve been meaning to toss it since it isn’t repairable, except for one thing. My cat loves to sleep underneath. It gives him some shade from the sun and creates a cozy little spot for his afternoon nap. So how could I even think of getting rid of it? Even though it’s a broken down bench, it is on of his favorite napping spots.

Under a Random Bush


Brambles make a protective spot for my cat. The thorns keep him safe from any predators- or even just curious chickens – that might interrupt his snooze time. And the bush gives him shade from the sun. So it isn’t unusual to find him sleeping away the afternoon under an old picker bush where no one can reach him.

On the Lego Table


My kids love their Legos – so much that we created a Lego table in their bedroom where they can keep their creations safe. We didn’t know at the time that it would also double as a kitty bed. You’ll find my cat carefully intertwined between Lego buildings and Lego cars, stretched out around loose bricks and tiny people. But since he doesn’t knock them down, the kids don’t mind sharing their table one bit.

In a Toy Bin

Toy Bin

My girls keep their toys in bins under their beds. And if you can’t find the cat, you might want to look there. Then, when the day gets chaotic, you may find him slinking away from the noise and the chatter and snuggling up with an old baby doll, some dollhouse furniture, and a handful of barbie clothes. It’s quiet, protected, and dark in there. And no one knows he’s sleeping, except for me.

Of course, there are plenty of other funny places where cats can sleep.

The Proverbial Cat Tree

cat tree

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes. We once had a cat tree that looked like a lifeguard stand – and it was about 7 feet high! My cats happily chased each other up and down the chair and snuggled up inside for an afternoon snooze. If you happened to walk by unsuspectingly, they would leap and pounce from the chair to your shoulder, giving you the surprise of your life!

Cats love cat trees, and the best ones will have scratching posts, a way for the kitty to climb and jump, places to hide, and places to snooze.

The On2 Pets Cat Condo is a great cat tree for kitties that can’t go outside. It looks just like an actual tree! The faux greenery will brighten up your space and give the kitty plenty of places to hide and explore.

Your cat can scratch on the carpeted platforms, dive through leaves, and nap on any level. She’ll feel safe and protected as she drifts to dreamland.

 Cat Beds

small cat bed


In general you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned cat bed. You can put them anywhere in your house where there is space. For example, up on top of a cupboard, on top of a fridge, a secluded table, or near the sofa. Not only are cat beds a cute and small place for your cat to hide out, they are also warm and soft.

They are tailor made and meet all the cat sleeping requirements. You can even have 2 or 3 in different places to give your cat.

For the most spoiled kitty, you might discover they love this macrame cat bed. The boho appeal fits just about any decorating scheme, and your kitty can rest in comfort with the cushy cat mattress inside of a macrame cat swing.

laddawan Macrame Cat Bed, Hammock for cat,Cat Swing Cat Hammock

You can hang it on the wall so your kitty gets the feeling of safety from being up high. Then, they’ll be able to watch you while they rest in comfort and style.

Our Garden Swing

Swing in garden

We are often visited by a tiny stray kitty with the cutest orange and white face. She doesn’t really meow but instead offers us a small squeak. She’s pretty shy and won’t come close to us, even if we offer her some treats. But when it’s evening time, she will snuggle up on the garden swing and take a little nap. I’m sure she likes it because it is up off the ground, cozy, and gives her some shelter from the sun. But, of course, she isn’t wrong – I want to sleep there, too!

A Sunny Window Perch

HlinZoom Cat Window Perch, Space-Saving Cat Window Hammock - Supported from Below - Providing All Around 360° Sunbath for Indoor Cats

Some cats love to sleep where they can watch out the window and bask in the warm sunshine. If this is your kitty, they might want to sleep on a window perch like this one. This perch suction cups to the window, keeping your cat up high off the ground where they can feel safe and comfortable.

Your cat can scratch on the carpeted platform, watch the birds, bask in the sun, and of course, sleep. Don’t worry. This particular perch holds up to 44 pounds, so it should be great for chubby cats, too. It’s easy to install and folds up when you aren’t using it.

Space-Saving Wall Shelves

Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Wall Furniture Wall Mount Cat Perch Wooden Hammock Cat Bridge Cat Tree Cat Climber Cat Cloud Shelf Board Cat Bed

If space is tight, you might need a more unusual type of kitty bed for your sweet furbaby. Wall shelves are an excellent place for cats to sleep indoors at night. These Calmbee Cat Wall Shelves attach right to your walls. There are two sleeping platforms and a swinging bridge that connects them. Your cat can get her zoomies out running over the bridge and then curl up for a nap on one of the platforms.

These are handmade from pine, jute, and sisal for an all-natural spot for your cat to take a nap.

My Kids’ Playhouse

Children's Playhouse

My kids have sadly outgrown their little playhouse. They climb on top more than they actually play inside of it, but that’s ok because someone else has adopted it. My cat!

He likes to snuggle inside in the heat of the day, where he is sheltered from the sun. The kids open up the windows, so he gets a cool breeze, too. You might find it unusual, but he finds it cozy!

An Outdoor Cat House

Feral Cat Shelter Outdoor with Escape Door Rainproof Outside Cat House Two Story for Three-Four Cats with Two Mat Color Grey

Where does your kitty sleep outdoors? Well, if you don’t want them hiding out in a tree, you might want to find them a cool cat shelter like this one. This outdoor cat house is raised up off the ground to keep your kitty a little warmer. It is rainproof, with an asphalt roof, so they can hide inside no matter what the weather is like outside! It has two levels with slide-outs that are easy to clean, cozy fleece inserts, and two exits with awnings to keep your kitty warm and dry.

An Open-Air Outdoor Cat Enclosure

CATLAND Outdoor Cat Enclosures - Large Cat Cage with Removable PVC Sun Shade Cloth Roof - Wood and Wire Mesh Catio - Play Area, Mini Hiding Houses and Ramp, Yellow, NGC021

Your cat can safely enjoy the great outdoors – and of course, sleep outside – with the help of this outdoor cat enclosure. Cats love the fresh air and naps in the sun, but some locations just aren’t safe for cats due to traffic, wild animals, and other unknowns.

This enclosure has two mini houses, ramps, stairs, and platforms so your cat can bask in the sun, hide, play, and sleep outdoors in safety. The wire mesh keeps your kitty inside and predators out. So you won’t have to worry about your cat getting lost or injured.

A Cozy Cat Sleeping Bag

Cat Bed Cave Sleeping Bag, Pet Mat Self Warming Pad Sack for Cats and Small Dog

You might need a sleeping bag for the cat that likes to nap under the bed covers. The Cat Bed Cave Sleeping Bag is a comfy spot where your kitty can hide and nap. The double layer of thick snuggly material will keep your cat warm on cold nights, making it great for indoor and outdoor cats. In addition, it has built-in support to keep the opening, well, open, so your cat won’t get stuck inside.

The Cuby Dog and Cat Sling Carrier

Cuby Dog and Cat Sling Carrier – Hands Free Reversible Pet Papoose Bag - Soft Pouch and Tote Design – Adjustable – Suitable for Puppy, Small Dogs, and Cats for Outdoor Travel (Noble Grey)

For the cat who naps on the go, you might need a cat sling carrier. The reversible carrier slings over your shoulder so your cat can snuggle inside the carrier as it sits on your hip. There is a short leash so you can attach your kitty’s collar to the bag, and there are adjustable shoulder straps to keep you comfortable, too. So your cat can nap outdoors while you roam the park or farmer’s market or wander through your kitchen.

Cat House Tent

TSMJUWND Cat House Tent for Cat Bed with Light Indoor Outdoor

The cat house tent is an unusual palace for any cat. Set it up indoors or out so your cat can sleep in style. This pop-up-style tent has two entrances, a courtyard, and a delightful house design. Being a tent, it will shade your kitty from the sun while giving her a comfortable – and safe – space for sleeping outdoors or inside.

Cardboard Box

Cat inside cardboard box

Of course, you could spend hundreds of dollars on fancy cat beds for your cat to sleep in. Outdoor beds that protect them from the elements, and indoor beds that give them a comfortable place to sleep. But most discerning cat parents know that every kitty loves a good old-fashioned cardboard box.

You might find your cat snuggled in the bin, the recycling pile, or in a cast-off box on your porch. Whether indoors or out, your cat will love snoozing safely in an old cardboard box.