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Top 50 Names For Dogs With Sad Eyes

Some dogs just seem to have sad looking eyes even though they may be happy on the inside. According to a study, dogs have actually evolved to have “mournful” eyes to establish a deeper connection with humans.

This allows dogs to trigger a nurturing response from humans. No wonder why I melt every time a dog looks up at me with puppy eyes.

Amazing Boy Names For Your Sad Eyed Dog

Barney (The Simpsons)

The story of Barney Gumble from the Simpsons is quite tragic. He used to be a very intelligent student but turned into the local town drunk.


Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. Blue is also a color that represents sadness. Having the blues is a common expression that means you feel down in the dumps.

Coffey (Green Mile)

John Coffey is an innocent inmate with supernatural abilities from the film Greenmile. His eyes throughout the movie reflect pain or hurt.

Cooper (From Fox and the Hound)

Cooper is the name of a hound dog who becomes best friends with a fox named Todd. The movie is sad as eventually they will have to go their separate ways.


I thought of dark and added a “y” to make it sound cute, hence “Darky”. However, in fact Darky is an actual Surname of Gaelic descent. You normally think of darkness as the coming of the night or metaphorically a sadder time in life.

David (AI)

David is the main Child robot from the film Artificial Intelligence. One thing you will distinctly notice about David is his innocent yet tearful eyes. Not only this but the film is quite sad…don’t want to spoil anything.


A city home to the beautiful rocky mountains and last name of the famous musician “John Denver”. Although the death of John Denver was tragic, his music was beautiful and touched the souls of many.


Dim is a word that can be used to describe someone’s eyes. The twinkle in your eyes can dim and turn to sorrow.

Dobby (Harry Potter)

Dobby is a cute character from Harry Potter. He has the softest, most innocent eyes known to any Harry Potter character, that look like they are about to burst into tears.

Droopy (Cartoon character)

A glum looking cartoon dog known for his droopy face and downbeat voice.


Dumbo is known for being one of the saddest Disney films ever made. There is a powerful scene where Dumbo cries his baby blue eyes out while being separated from his mother.


A beautiful name that is bittersweet, when you see the sun bury itself in the ground for night to take over.


Ever heard of the expression emo phase? Emo can be defined as someone who is gothic, downbeat and listens to sad music. If your dog has sad-looking eyes, you can call him “Emo”.

Gil (The Simpsons)

Gil is an unlucky businessman from the TV series The Simpsons. Things just never seem to go Gil’s way. His eyes and facial expression show a pleasing hope that his misfortunes will change but they never do.


You can name your dog “Gloom” or “Gloomy”. We normally describe the weather as gloomy or someone’s character. It can be described as a state of darkness or down-heartedness.


Graves are very morbid. Graves a holes dug into the ground where a coffin or dead person can

be placed.


The color gray is another color that represents sadness. Think of gray overcast days associated with winter.

Hachi (after Hachiko)

Hachiko’s story is inspiring yet sad. One of the world’s most famous dogs waited for over nine years at Shibuya station for his owner who would never return.


This is not only a British pop band but also a great name for a dog that looks hurt.

Moe (The Simpsons)

Moe is the local owner and bartender of Moes Tavern in the Simpsons. Moe is famous for being a character who is unlucky in love along with being quite downbeat most of the time.

Mufasa (From Lion King)

You may remember Mufasa as the father of Simba in the Lion King. Although powerful and a strong figure, he was killed at the hands of Scar during a stampede. We all remember crying a tear when this happened while watching the Lion King as kids.

Old Yeller

Old yeller is a Newbery Honor winning book written in 1956 about a yellow dog that is adopted by a boy and his family in Texas.

Spoiler alert, Old yeller is a sad book especially the ending…but one that is beautifully written.


Cast a shadow is a famous expression that means “cause (something) to be less good or enjoyable.”


Sounder is a fictional coon dog from the Newbery Medal–winning book “Sounder”. The book is heart-warming, beautifully written but, spoiler alert, has a sorrowful ending…

Victor (The Corpse Bride)

Victor Van Dort is the character stuck in a arranged marriage in the famous “The Corpse Bride” by Tim Burton. He falls in love with Emily. Victor has large white and hollow eyes that always look saddened and upset.


Tear drops and having teary eyes are all things you associate with being sad. Some dogs’ eyes just look like they’re about to cry.


Twilights are very scenic with the glowing light of the sun behind the horizon illuminating the sky.

Amazing Girl Names For Your Sad Eyed Dog


The saddest fruit. Blue is linked to sadness, being down and depressed. Add blue to the begining of berries and you get a sad berry…a blueberry.

Chamae (Chamaecyparis)

The Chamaecyparis is a plant that represents sadness and grief.

Emily (The Corpse Bride)

Emily is the corpse bride. She is sweet kind and good natured who was murdered by her ex-fiancé Lord Barkis Bittern. Her innocent eyes throughout the movie hold a feeling of hope with a tint of sorrow.

Feela (short for feelings)

Does your pooch look like she’s lost in her feelings when you look deep in her eyes? Why not name her Feela?

Funi (Funeral)

A silly but cute name. You can call your dogs anything that sounds interesting or cute. Funerals are sad occasions, and if your dog looks like she is about to grieve, call her Funi.


Apparently, studies show that drinking gin is more likely to make you cry than wine or beer. Variations of this name can be Ginny or Gina.


When your dog looks up at you with those cute big bulging eyes they just may be hoping for a treat.

Lana (World’s saddest dog)

Lana is the name of apparently “The saddest dog in the world”. Lana was born in Mexico and has been from dog shelter to dog shelter. The image of her dejected and crouched against a wall nearly broke the internet.


Lilies, although very beautiful, are also one of the saddest flowers around metaphorically. That’s why you see lilies at funeral services. Grief and peace tied to life’s passing.


Lilo is a short chubby Hawaiian girl who is sweet and innocent in nature. Her backstory is quite tragic with both her parents dying in a driving accident on a rainy night.

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

Luna is an Italian name that actually means moon. However, in this Harry Potter Luna is the name of a character with a tragic background. Luna had her mother die when she was young and got bullied in school.


Mizzy is a name full of love and charity. Just imagine your girl dog staring at you full of love as you call her name “Mizzy”.


Raina is a girl’s name of slavic origin that means queen. “Rain” is also associated with sadness, so why not call your girl dog Raina. Just add the “a”.

Riley (Inside and Out)

Riley is the young 11 year girl from inside and out who gets upset after moving from Minnesota

To San Francisco. The motto of the film is you need all your emotions to be content, even sadness.

Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Sally is the rag doll from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. Like many of the characters in the film, she has big round eyes that display a hint of yearning for something better. Sally has a secret crush on Jack The Pumpkin King throughout the film, helping him achieve his dream of Christmas.


Samantha (aka Sam) is the dog from “I Am Legend”. She provides a loyal and protective companion for Robert throughout the film.


Sombre means without humour or enjoyment. You normally describe an environment as being “Sombre” when it is serious in nature with sad undertones.


Sorrow can be defined as a feeling of pain and anguish caused by a loss or disappointment.


What makes your eyes water?… Well something sour. Think Lemons, sour skittles, and gooseberries.


Weeper is a cute name for your girl dog. When we cry, we weep and shed tears.

Wine (Sad beverage)

This name can have many variations, for example, Winnie, Winny and Wine. Wine happens to be the saddest alcoholic beverage of them all. Ever have a bad day and feel like having a bottle of wine. It’s certainly a tear-inducing beverage.


Winter is the time of year where things feel more bleak and cold. In fact in countries that don’t receive much sunlight in the winter, seasonal depression is a thing.


Zinnia flowers, like lilies, are popular funeral flowers. They represent remembrance, and enduring affection.

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