Pitbull terrier puppy with green eyes

The Best Dog Names For Your Green Eyed Pooch!

Green eyes are apparently the rarest colour of eyes for a dog to have. So you have one rare dog breed if they have green eyes. You may have a Weimaraner or a American pit bull terrier to name some of the few dogs that can have green eyes.

For such a unique appearance, their needs to be a fitting name. I have conjured up a bunch of amazing names that are related to the colour green!

Amazing Boy Names For Your Green Eyed Dog


Apples are so tasty. Although slightly more bitter, green apples still have a nice crunch : )


Aspen green is a medium light shade of green.

Bruno (from the film Encanto)

Bruno is an animated character from the disney film Encanto. Everytime he has visions into the future his eyes turn green.


A Danish beer company that have a famous logo.


Famous soccer team whose logo and kit is the color green.


A plant considered lucky, Irish, and happens to be green.

Dew (After mountain dew)

Mountain dew is a famous soft drink mainly popular in America.


Dragons are mythical creatures that look like green fire breathing lizards.


Short and snappy cute name, that is the abbreviation for the environment or ecology


Your doggo has a lot to live up to after being named after a multi billionaire. However, the name Elon actually means “oak tree” in Hebrew, and oak trees are what color?…


There are plenty of bright beautiful colours in the disney film encanto. The film takes place in the green jungles of Colombia.


A name based off of nature, conjures up imagery of lush green plants and trees.

Fruggie (after froggie)

Funny and cute name that is inspired by green frogs.

Goose (goose berries)

Goose berries are tasty soft fruit that offer plenty of vitamins and anti-oxidants


A yummy fruit famous for making white wine


A silly yet cute name for your furry green eyed friend.


A famous green character from Dr. Zeus’s “The Grinch”, who famously hated Christmas.


A funny green animated character made of clay, that originated in 1953.

Hopper (After grasshopper)

An insect that is famous for its long legs that can help it hop around.


When he gets angry, his eyes turn green and he turns into a muscular beast.


A DC villain to Batman who famously has green hair and eyeliner

Jude (after Jude Law)

Did you ever know that the famous actor Jude Law has green eyes? Well he does!


Kent is a county in the UK known as being the “garden of England” with its greenery and countryside.


The famous frog from Sesame street.


A green fruit from Africa that is yellow on the outside with a spiky texture, but green on the inside.


Leaf’s form on plants, trees, and flowers.


A famous character from the marvel universe who is the adopted brother of Thor.


A British car company that’s logo has the colour green.

Mallard (mallard duck)

Mallard ducks are beautiful birds that are known for having green heads.

Marvin (marvin the martian)

Marvin the Martian, is a famous looney toon, who wears a green helmet.

Mike (Monsters inc)

A funny little green monster from the film Monsters inc.


We all know how mint tastes. Refreshing, sweet and cool. Mint plants are herbs known for their aromatic properties.


The source of capitalism. We all know what color money is.


A batman supervillain that has the ability to trick his opponents with special effects and illusions.

Oscar (Oscar the grouch)

He’s green, and lives in a trash can. A loveable monster from sesame street.

Oz (Wizard of Oz)

Ozz or Ozzy are great names for your pooch. Green represents the Emerald city where the wizard of Oz lives.


Green symbolizes peace, calmness, and nature.


Pine forests are forests where Pine Trees are the majority tree in the forest.


Tasty nuts that are the seeds of the Pistachio tree. They can also be a unique flavored ice cream.

Rex (from toystory)

A fun loving dinosaur from the film toy story.

Rover (Land Rover)

The Land Rover logo is green in color which represents its traditional beginnings as a farm vehicle.


A famous plant that is a symbol of Ireland


An Ogre who lives out on a Swamp and has a friend called Donkey. Everyone knows the worlds most famous Ogre “Shrek”.


A funny name associated with green slime from snails.


A tasty soft drink, known for its bright green logo and branding


A deep blue green colour

Tic Tac

Have bad breath? Tics Tacs are a mint candy made for making your breath smell more fresh


A name of Armenian origin that means “from the green hill”.


Verde means green in spanish (masculine). It can also be a pretty cool dog name.


Green in French.


Your doggo might not be as wise as yoda. However, he might be small and green just like this character from star wars.


A character that looks like a dinosaur from the game super mario.

Zircon – gemsociety

Green zircon is a very rare natural gemstone

Amazing Girl Names For Your Green Eyed Dog


Think of the lush green meadows of scotland. Aileana is a name that originated from Scotland and means “from the green meadow”.

Alli (Alligators)

“Alli” is short for Alligators. Alligators are green, so why not?

Aloe (Aloe Vera)

Aloe vera is a popular plant known for being a great skin treatment. It can be used to moisturize skin and treat sunburn.


An Arrabic name that translates to happiness and green valleys.

Ash (Ashley Olsen)

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are famous twins who are former actresses. Most importantly they both have piercing green eyes.


The name Berrie means Noble and Shining; Pale Green Gemstone. It can also mean small fruit. Think of green gooseberries.


Blerina is of swiss origin and means fresh greeness.

Bryce (Bryce Dallas Howard)

Bryce Dallas Howard is an actor who famously appeared in the film Jurassic world. What is also very striking is her red hair and green eyes.


Cherrill is a french and greek name that means green gemstone


Denver makes you think of the endless rolling mountains of Colorado. However, it also means “Green valley”.

Dipsy (Teletubbies)

The Teletubbies is a British children’s television show. Dipsy is the incredibly cute green coated and green eyed Teletubbbie.

Dizzi (Disgust, from inside and out)

Dizzi is a character from the animated film Inside Out. Dizzi represents the emotion of disgust which is why she is represented by the color green. When you feel sick you go green.


Green is associated with life and nature. What better name that represents earth and nature than to call your dog Eartha.


Gamora is a green character in Guardians of the Galaxy, who is daughter of Thanos. Her appearance is green in nature with pinkish red hair.


Talking of things that are part of nature, Gea means “earth”. As earth contains some green why not call your doggo Gea


We all love christmas time and seeing green holly and red Ivy hanging from people’s doors. What a perfectly cute name for your girl dog.


Khloe is a name of green origin that mean “Green shoot”.


Kiwi is sweet fruit that has a dark brown skin and light green core inside. A sweet fruit for a sweet name.


Lily pads remind you of ponds and frogs jumping across. They sound cute and also happen to be green.


Lime is a green citrus fruit that you can put in your water or glass of coca cola 🙂


A lush green forest or lush green plants.


Matcha is a powder made from green tea leaves. It is known for its high amounts of anti oxidants and caffeine.

Maya (maya mountains, greenest place on earth)

Maya mountains in Belize is one of the greenest places on earth known for its natural beauty.


Meralda is short for esmeralda and is a spanish and latin name that means bright green precious stone

Merida – From Brave film

Merida is from the film Brave. Although small in stature she is incredibly courageous and has the brightest green eyes known in existence.

Na’vi – Green Avatar

Ever seen the film Avatar? Most avatars are blue, but in Avatar 2 Na’vi is one of the few green skinned avatars.


Who doesn’t love a tasty olive. Olives are small tasty fruits that grow on olive trees.


Eat peas and get your vitamins and antioxidants. They also happen to be a nice color…

Pepper (After Green Pepper)

Green bell peppers taste amazing. And they can also serve up as a cute doggo name.


Famous Gemstones that look yellowy green in colour.


The pixie fairies are from British folklore who are mischievous and wear a green dress.


A comic book character with green eyes that is associated with the X-men.

Sea (Cee)

Oceans can be shades of blue and green. They are also deep and mysterious just like someone’s eyes can be.


Time to speak some Spanish. Green in Spanish is Verda (feminine version).

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