Kirkland vs Greenies dental chews

Kirkland Dental Chews vs Greenies – Which Is Best?

When I was growing up, my parents had an adorable, excitable, and overwhelmingly-friendly golden retriever named Duke. Duke, weighing in at over 80 pounds, considered himself to be everyone’s favorite lap dog. So whenever I sat, Duke was on my lap. And it was all fun and games until you got a whiff of Duke’s disgusting doggy breath. After that, you knew that Duke definitely needed to brush his teeth!

Well, it’s kind of tough to hold 80 pounds of boundless energy still long enough to brush his canines, so my parents looked for other solutions, like dental chews, to clean Duke’s breath and teeth. Two popular options for doggy dental treats are Kirkland Dental Chews and Greenies Dental Treats. But which one is better?

Kirkland Dental Chews and Greenies Dental Treats are products created to enhance your dog’s dental health. As your dog chews, these treats work to reduce plaque and tartar that can damage teeth and gums. But, of course, you’ll need to know the difference between the two, so you can pick the best one for your pet’s oral health needs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Kirkland Dental Chews and Greenies Dental Treats. We will examine the differences, similarities, and the benefits, and drawbacks to each so you can make an informed decision about which is the most suitable for your oversized lap dog or pint-size pup. I’ll also give you my opinion about which one is the better choice, but first, let’s take a quick look at Kirkland Dental Chews.

Kirkland Dental Chews

Kirkland Signature Dental Chews 72 Dog Treats

Kirkland dental chews are a specialized dog treat that promotes the dental health of your favorite pooch. These green-colored treats are shaped so your dog can easily hold onto them with their paws while chewing on them. Complex ridges and grooves clean doggie’s clean teeth while your dog chews, removing built-up plaque and tartar. And don’t forget, the give your dog extra fresh dog breath, too!

These chews are made with natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Kirkland Dental Chews are also boosted with extra vitamins and minerals to keep your pup healthy and happy. They’re also grain-free, gluten-free, and made in the United States. I think this sounds pretty tasty!

These treats are intended for daily use in dogs 5 to 30 pounds. They’ll help your dog’s teeth look cleaner and their breath smell fresher and work through the mechanical action of your dog chewing the treat, kind of like the action of brushing your own teeth.

As a bonus, chewing on these treats will keep your dog occupied, so they aren’t chewing on the furniture or your favorite shoe. I think that’s definitely a win-win!

Kirkland Dental Chews are available to purchase at Costco. According to the packaging, all dogs should be supervised when consuming these treats. This is because some dogs have a tendency to gulp their food, and if they consume whole pieces of these treats, they could choke or end up with a bowl obstruction. They are a supplemental food only, don’t make these your dog’s entire diet or you could end up with a pretty sick pooch.

Greenies Dental Treats, Original

GREENIES Original Regular Natural Dog Dental Care Chews Oral Health Dog Treats, 36 oz. Pack (36 Treats)

Greenies Dental Treats are specially formulated treats to clean your dog’s teeth and breath. Greenies Dental Treats chewy texture works to remove plaque and tartar as your dog chews on them.

These treats are a little bit pliable and sort of shaped like a toothbrush, so they can clean your dog’s teeth all the way down to the gum line. These treats are made in the United States from natural ingredients sourced around the world. Greenies Dental Treats are formulated to be easily digested, too.

Greenies Dental Treats contain an extra dose of vitamins and minerals to help boost your pup’s health. They are intended for use in dogs who are between 5 and 15 pounds. There are other variations of this treat for larger, older, or overweight dogs.

Greenies are available to order through According to the Greenies video, the treats work similarly to a toothbrush. The mechanical action of chewing these treats rubs the grooves against the teeth, which works to clean them. Cleaner teeth also means fresher breath.

How are Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews different?

When I started digging into these two products, I noticed a few important differences. For example, Kirkland Dental Chews claim to be gluten-free and wheat-free, while the first ingredient in Greenies is wheat flour. I imagine this would be pretty important if your dog has a gluten intolerance, but none of my pups ever did.

Greenies offer a large variety of types of their dental treats. They have a chew for pretty much every kind of dog – dogs that are aging, need weight control, or better dental health. There are also grain-free and puppy safe options. Unfortunately, as far as I can find, Kirkland only has one basic kind of dental chew.

Kirkland Chews are shaped a little bit like a baseball bat, while Greenie’s Chews are shaped more like a toothbrush.

How are Greenies and Kirkland Dental Chews similar?

These treats are, at their core, are actually pretty similar. The treats encourage your dog to chew, and the shapes and texture of the treats help to clean their teeth and freshen their bad breath. Dogs of all types seem to love the taste and will gladly indulge in these delectable favorites. This is a lot easier than trying to brush their teeth with a doggy toothbrush!

As you can see on the websites, both types of treats are made in the USA. Both have extra vitamins and minerals to promote your dog’s health and well-being. Both are shaped and grooved to promote teeth cleaning and gum stimulation. Both brands of dental treats are green in color.

Kirkland choose boast they are a whopping 33% protein, while Greenies are a similar 30%. The extra protein makes the treats taste better.

And best of all, dogs seem to just love them.

What’s better about Kirkland Dental Chews?

If your dog has dietary restrictions and can’t have wheat or gluten, then Kirkland Dental Chews are definitely better for your Wonderdog. The primary ingredient is potato starch, but the treats also contain gelatin, glycerin, dried chicken, and surprisingly, pea protein. In addition, they have no artificial colors, flavors, or fillers, so you can feel good about what your pet is eating.

If you are a Costco member, you might be able to save a little bit of hard-earned cash by purchasing these treats instead of the competitions.

What’s better about Greenies?

Greenies are a little bit easier to get your hands on since Kirkland Chews are a Costco brand. You’d have to be a member to get them (or at least know someone who is). But you can easily purchase Greenie’s treats on and have them delivered directly to your door, making this a very convenient option.

From the customer reviews on Amazon and Costco websites, it appears that more digestive issues stem from the Kirkland products than the Greenies. However, it’s hard to know how many of these might be coincidental and how many problems go unreported. However, Greenies boasts their treats have been specially formulated by a team of PHD-level animal nutritionists. And their formulations adhere to guidelines by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. You can find details about their nutritionists and the AAFCO here.

Greenie’s offer a lot more variety when it comes to their dental chews. There are simply more options to choose from, so you can pick one that better suits your beloved pet.

Who should get Kirkland Dental Chews (and why)?

If you’re a Costco member, you should get Kirkland Dental Chews. If your dog is over 5 pounds, they can use Kirkland Dental Chews. And if your dog is over 30 pounds, they can have up to two per day. But don’t plan on purchasing these if your dog is less than five pounds, and they should never be given to puppies under six months old.

The number one reason to purchase these, though, is if your pet has dietary restrictions and needs to avoid grain and gluten.

Who should get Greenies Dental Chews (and why)?

Greenie’s Dental chews (Original) are intended for dogs from 5 to 15 pounds. If your pooch is bigger, you’ll need to select a different Greenies product. Never give these treats to dogs under five pounds or younger than six months. Greenies has other treats for dogs that fall into those categories.

You should get these if you aren’t a Costco member since they are easy to purchase from

You should also get these if you want a veterinarian’s endorsement since both veterinarian approved and VOHC accepted.

If you aren’t concerned about your pet needing a grain-free or gluten-free diet, these chews are a great choice since the primary ingredient is wheat.

Also, if you have light-colored carpets, you might want to consider Greenies over Kirkland since Kirkland treats might cause staining.

Some users reported that Kirkland dental chews caused their dogs to have diarrhea, so if your dog is prone to this, you might prefer to choose Greenie’s dental treats, instead. Of course, you should check with your vet and keep a close eye on your dogs if they are trying them for the first time.

Verdict : Kirkland Dental Chews or Greenies Dental Treats?

If your dog, like my Duke, has offensive breath or dirty teeth, then you’ll probably want to invest in some kind of dental chews to assist in their oral care. This could prevent more serious dental issues, keep your dog occupied, and give them something appropriate to chew on, when necessary.

Some Kirkland customers noticed their dog had diarrhea after consuming these chews. But some Greenies customers mentioned their dogs ended up with bowel obstructions. So if your pet is already prone to digestive problems, you might want to consult with your vet before giving your dog either one. Also, if your dog does not chew these treats thoroughly enough, they can easily swallow whole chunks of the chew. Swallowing large pieces of dental chews could lead to choking and bowel obstruction, so you definitely need to supervise your pet when they are working on one.

Other than the possible digestive troubles, both of these products seem like an excellent solution to a stinky problem – dog breath. Giving your dog one or two of these per day will help reduce tartar, plaque, gum disease, and of course, bad breath. However, if your dog has crowded teeth, the dental chews might not be able to get them clean anyway. And if your dog is missing teeth or has gum problems, these chews might be too hard for them to bite on.

In my opinion, Kirkland Dental Chews seem like the better option for pups with gluten intolerance, and they tend to be a little less expensive. However, if your dog doesn’t fit into their size category or you just don’t have time to head to Costco, Greenie’s treats will work just as well to conquer plaque and without the issue of staining your carpets. Regardless, you should always consult with your veterinarian before giving your dog anything new.

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