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5 Reasons Why Dogs Get Excited When You Laugh

Dogs are some of the most social animals in the world, and that is why they are deemed to be man’s best friend. They are single-handedly some of the best companions you will ever have, as they try to make sense of the human world in their own ways.

One of the examples is the way they get excited or get an extreme reaction whenever their humans let out a giggle or a howling laugh. They are not the type of animals to ignore you when you’re having one of the funniest or best moments of your life. It’s highly unlikely that they’re going to sit tight and mind their own business!

The catch is sometimes we don’t really know exactly what dogs feel, especially if you’re a new dog owner. They could look excited, but in reality they might be anxious. Use your best judgement, and if you want some more insight, keep reading.

In this article, we try to give some of the reasons why your pet dog may want to be right next to you, or right in your face, whenever you find something funny.

They Can Sense Your Happiness

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Dogs may not be able to understand initially what laughter really means or to let out a laugh. Nature hasn’t installed this convenient feature in them even after billions of years (like it did with goats!), and that’s okay. We can’t have everything.

One of the ways we can explain that they understand happiness at least, is when they exhibit signs of excitement. For instance, wagging their tails, not being able to stay put, having a grin, etc. This might be different from one dog to another, but these are sure signs that your dog has sensed your extreme positive feelings and wants to be a part of it.

They Want to See If You’re Okay

Dog saving lives

Like we said previously, sometimes dogs don’t understand what laughter means, hence they might interpret it as something that screams danger.

In nature, it is normal for a creature to call out for help when it is in imminent danger, and the pack they belong to either come to their aid or run away to save themselves. Dogs are the protective kind, so when they hear you suddenly making a noise you don’t usually (or often) make, they want to make sure no one or nothing is about to hurt you!

Dogs see us as their best friends, and in human language, if you get alerted that your best friend might be in danger, the only logical thing to do is to go make sure you’re okay. Like what Rick Astley says, “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”

They are Curious

Dog head tilted

Sometimes, dogs can’t tell if your laughter is good news or bad news, so the peculiar noise piques their curiosity. Are you happy? Are you in danger? Have you suddenly turned into a dog and this is how you howl? Best way to find out is to check it out.

They might give you a good sniff or a good lick for investigation purposes of course, don’t take it personally.

One of the signs that they might be curious would be when their heads tilt a certain angle. This is so that they can angle the way the sound of your laughter bounces into their ear, and their little brains give it a little analyzing. Be extra careful though if this is their first time actually hearing you let out a full blown laugh. Like humans, the way their experience this first time could leave a lasting impression on them, so make it a happy memory!

They Associate Your Laughter With Something Exciting

Person laughing with dog

As an extension to the previous reason, if they happen to have a happy memory associated with your laugh, it only makes sense for them to come to you all excited.

Maybe the last time you had a laugh like this was when they got more treats than they normally get, or maybe it was before you took them for walkies. Or, for some bizarre reasons our human brains can never comprehend or make a connection, something related to never visiting the vets again. Who knows, only the doggos do.

Whatever the reason is, the fact they recognize your laughter as something they get excited about is enough to hail dogs as the best pets in the world.

They Might Have Anxiety with Loud Noises

Dog hiding under covers

After all the positive or fun reasons why dogs get excited when you laugh, comes the possibility that you are actually causing them anxiety or distress with the loud noises.

Dogs and dog breeds are not monoliths, and like fingerprints, they are very unique from each other and no two dogs are ever alike. Even clones don’t grow up to have the exact same personality.

What one finds extremely hyping, one may find distressing. Sometimes, this might be tricky to spot, especially if you adopted your dog from a shelter, which would imply the possibility of a history of abuse. It is always best to keep a close eye on your dog’s behaviors and reactions to certain things or events, and if it’s anything concerning, we always recommend seeing a vet (don’t tell your dog we said that.)