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What Do Cats Like to Watch on TV – Top 20 Videos

The mighty hunter prowls around the house, seeking its prey, and pouncing everything that moves. Look out! Because a bored kitty quickly turns into a naughty kitty. Before you know it, your cat is pouncing your toes, biting your nose, and climbing the curtains simply because it is bored. But you can easily entertain your killer kitty with a little bit of television. But what? What do cats like to watch on Netflix?

Surprisingly, cats enjoy a variety of kitty-inspired entertainment. To occupy your cat, look for YouTube videos featuring the best cat entertainment: birds, rodents, fish, and toys. You can try out a variety of shows for your cat to see what they like best.

In this article, we’ll look at what your feline friends will enjoy on your television. We’ll talk about Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. But first, let’s look at why cats might enjoy tv.

Why do cats watch tv?

My friend’s beloved cat waits patiently every day for her daughter to open her laptop and turn on Kitty Tube. A cat’s prey instincts mean exciting sounds, and flitting pictures easily capture its attention. So if you can find a show your kitty loves to watch, you might just capture her attention for hours! Just beware your hunter doesn’t instinctively pounce your television or your laptop!

Test out a few different types of shows for your kitty to see what attracts their attention best. Maybe your cat prefers the excitement of chatting birds flitting around, the soothing swim of fish, or mice and squirrels running in all directions. Maybe your anxious kitty needs some relaxing music while you are at work, or perhaps your bored kitten would benefit from chasing a few fake strings on your iPad screen.

Cat television is an excellent source of entertainment for indoor cats. If your cat does not have access to a window for bird watching or other cats for company, a cat-related show might be just the thing to keep them entertained and happy.

No matter what your cat prefers, there is a show for everyone! Even some Netflix for you and your feline friend to enjoy together.

What Do Cats Like to Watch On Netflix?

1. Dancing with the Birds.

Dancing With The Birds

Dancing with the Birds is a Netflix film all about the birds in paradise. This movie features mating dances of birds, and their crisp, sharp calls will surely grab your cat’s attention. If you like bird watching, you’ll love this video too. So snuggle up with your feline friend for a little Netflix and Cheese.

2. Kitty Love: An Homage to Cats

Kitty Love

If your kitty enjoys watching other felines, check out Kitty Love. He may just love watching this tale about frisky felines! Imagine a show that will entertain your kids and your kitty together!

What Do Cats Like to Watch on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is another great source for kitty television. If you’re already a Prime member, you might be able to watch these for free. They are sure to be crowd-pleasers for your feline audience.

3. Forest Birds and Chipmunks.

Movies for cats- Forest Birds and Chipmunks

Forest Birds and Chipmunks is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to kitties. However, you better have your tv mounted firmly to the wall because your docile purry friend might turn into a wild predator when they hear the birds in this video.

4. Hummingbirds.


Hummingbirds will immediately capture your kitty’s attention with their sharp, chirping introduction. Together, you and your kitty will enjoy this documentary about hummingbirds.

What Do Cats Like to Watch on YouTube?

Probably the best source for cat shows, YouTube has plenty of options for you and your kitty. With shows as short as 15 minutes to all-day extravaganzas, there’s a YouTube video for even the most discerning cat. So check out some of these winning and wild videos.

5. Bird Extravaganza

For the cat who loves birdwatching, check out Bird Extravaganza for an hour and a half of birding fun on YouTube. It’s ok if you don’t have a bird feeder to entertain your cat because this show is full of bird-chasing fun.

6. Bird and Squirrel Fun in December

This 15-minute video focuses on birds and squirrels getting a winter snack. You’ll be entertained by watching your cat chase these little furry friends around the screen.

7. Squirrel World

If your cat prefers chasing squirrels to catching birds, then he’ll love this video of snacking squirrels and calling birds. Watch closely, and you might even spot a duck!

8. Cat TV

If your cat gets anxious while you’re away, try these videos from Cat TV. This particular video includes 7 hours of soothing music and a stream full of ducks. You can feel better when you’re at work because this video will help your feline friend feel relaxed and happy.

9. Boredom Blasting Fish Video

If your fish tank entrances your cat, you might want to distract her with this fishy show. For two hours, your cat can listen to ethereal music and watch a tank full of koi swimming gracefully.

10. Little Hamster on Screen

My hamster routinely escaped his enclosure, and our cat always knew where to find him! We had to work fast to catch the little guy before the kitty did. If your cat loves hamster hide and seek, this might be the perfect video to entertain him.

11. Rainbow String

Now your cat can chase strings when you’re not around. Rainbow string video features a sharp chirping sound to catch your cat’s ear, with a spinning, spiraling rainbow string graphic for him to chase.

12. Mouse Videos for Cats.

For the cat who loves mice, check out mouse videos for cats. Featuring a few token birds, your cat will love watching this little mouse come to find his supper.

13. Cat Games.

If you can’t bear the thought of your kitty watching realistic, live animals on tv, you might prefer cat games instead. This video features a cheesy-inspired faux background with animated black mice twirling around the screen. Sharp squeaking noises complete the video for an entertaining show your fav kitten will just adore.

14. Holiday Video for Cats.

Also, by Cat Games, you’ll love this holiday-inspired video with a green background and cheery animated mice in their ugly Christmas sweaters.

15. Butterflies.

The bright colors and squeaking sounds on this butterfly video are definitely a feline favorite. Take a break from kitten-sitting while your feisty one adores this show.

16. The Ultimate Games Compilation

This compilation features 20 different kitty-themed videos. You’ll find bugs, birds, balls, and more spliced together for your discerning cat.

17. Relaxing Aquarium Jellyfish

Even cats love the relaxing movements of jellyfish. Put this ten hour, lovely, relaxing video on for your cat while your away or while your home. The ocean waves and gentle motion will reduce stress for you and your cat, both.

18. Best Video for Cats Ever!

This short video features kittens, bugs, and best of all, can-opening goodness to entice even the most stubborn of cats. Just give it a try!

Other Shows for cats

19. Cats 24/7

Cats 24_7

Pluto.TV has its own cat channel. Check out Cats 24/7 for some kitty entertainment that you and your feline friends will love.

But Does It Work?

20. Misto the Cat Chases Mice on TV

See these videos in action – check out Misto the cat chasing mice… on his tv! For even more great cat and mouse videos, check out