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Top 8 Tortoise Tracking Systems

Pet GPS trackers have become popular devices recently, and rightfully so. Losing a pet, even if for a short time, is a stressful experience — and enough to make any pet owner do whatever they can to ensure it doesn’t happen again! It’s quite common to see these devices attached to dog collars, and even cats in some cases. But what if you want one for your tortoise?

While tortoises are traditionally viewed as big and slow animals, they can still get around quite well if they want to. Don’t be fooled by their slow and steady appearance, they can disappear faster than you might think! Just as it can be incredibly worrying when a dog or cat goes missing, so can it for owners of tortoises. While it’s true that they’re known for out living their humans in most cases, it doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to wander into danger!

Considering their interesting shape, it can be a common misconception that a tortoise can’t wear a tracker — but that’s not entirely true. They can be fitted for these devices just as well as a dog or cat, even if non-traditional methods might need to be used! If you want to keep your adorable pet tortoise safe and have been thinking about tracking systems, you’re in luck. I’ve listed eight of the best tracking devices available on Amazon for you to check out here:

Jiobit GPS Location Tracker

Jiobit (2021) - Smallest Real-Time GPS Location Tracker for Personal Safety | Kids, Pets, Elderly, Adults | Tiny, Waterproof, Durable, Encrypted | Long-lasting Battery Life | Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi

The Jiobit is a multi-purpose tracker. It can be used to track people, pets, and objects with unlimited distance via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular network. Its small size makes it a great option for attaching to your tortoise’s shell using the provided clip or attaching to a collar if your tortoise wears one.

This great little tracker is waterproof, light weight, and just small enough to not be a nuisance to the tortoise wearing it. It also allows you to create custom geofences that alert you when Shelly wanders outside her approved area, letting you relax and trust that she’s safe and sound when you don’t have eyes on her — while at the same time helping you find her quickly if she decides to go walk about.

Jiobit is linked to your Android or iPhone through their mobile app, which is where you’ll be able to track your tortoise. With options such as turn-by-turn tracking, last known location, and departure and arrival notifications, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to your tortoise’s activity!

Not only does Jiobit do a fantastic job of tracking your tortoise for you, but its battery can last up to 20 days, giving you almost 3 weeks without having to charge it! This, coupled with the multi-user feature for additional family members or pet sitters, makes it an all-around great choice for keeping your tortoise safe!

Cube GPS Tracker

Cube GPS Tracker, Real Time Tracking of Cars, Dogs, Pets, Kids, Motorcycles, Small Portable Tracking Device, Monthly Subscription Required

The Cube GPS Tracker is also multi-use; it’s able to track pretty much anyone or anything you want it to. While it does have a monthly subscription fee, it’s worth it for this device’s supreme accuracy, along with the peace of mind you’ll get when tracking your beloved pet! The Cube comes with its very own SIM card that’s hooked up to the Verizon network, allowing for real-time, nationwide tracking that you can count on.

Some great features of the Cube GPS Tracker include customizable geofencing, SOS alerts and a SOS button, movement alerts, location history (up to 5 years stored), and a rechargeable battery that last anywhere from 10 to 60 days depending on your specific configuration. It even has a Dynamic Reporting feature that puts Cube to sleep when there’s no movement — saving your battery life for even longer!

You can track the Cube from your smartphone, their web app, or through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The options for your desired use are almost endless! Cube has several accessories available, too, including strap attachment clips for your tortoise tracking convenience. With all these features and more, plus the super helpful US based customer service team, Cube is a great choice for keeping your tortoise friends safe and sound!

Whistle GPS + Health + Fitness Tracker

Whistle GPS + Health + Fitness - Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker Plus Dog Health & Fitness Monitor, Waterproof, Safe Place Escape Alerts, Built-in Night Light,Fits on Dog Collar, GO Explore, Grey

The Whistle GPS Tracker is technically designed for dogs, but it’s a great option for your tortoise as well. It’s got additional features that other trackers might not have, like health, activity, and fitness monitoring. While this might not be necessary for your needs, this tracking device is definitely worth the buy anyway! While you’ll need to sign up for an annual or monthly subscription, you’ll get a 30-day free trial, and the accuracy of the Whistle is well worth your while.

Whistle has unlimited distance tracking, so you’ll be able to find your tortoise whether he’s in your neighborhood or 3,000 miles away! It also offers the ability to set up safe zone alerts, provides updates every 15 seconds while in active tracking mode, and is connected to the AT&T Network as well as Google Maps — so you’ll always be connected to your pet!

Whistle also has a unique feature that allows you to consult with a vet for health concerns and support. You can call, email, or chat with a vet right through your Whistle app, giving you peace of mind regarding the health of your beloved tortoise. With all these features and more, Whistle makes a great choice for a tortoise tracking system!

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee, Real-Time Tracking Collar Device, APP Control For Dogs And Pets Activity Monitor

PetFon is a small yet durable tracking device for locating your tortoise (or other pets). It’s different than some other GPS trackers in that it doesn’t require a subscription, which is a nice bonus! It does, however, use a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and long-distance wireless technologies, to ensure you stay connected if you need to search for your tortoise. It’s rain proof, lightweight, and comes with a light feature to help you locate your tortoise in dim settings once in close proximity!

One thing about the PetFon that may be considered less than desirable is the distance limitations — its max distance is about 3.5 miles. However, this distance would take quite some time for a tortoise to cover, so it shouldn’t be a problem most of the time. Something PetFon has that other trackers don’t is the voice command feature: you can record your voice and store it to be activated when your tortoise goes walk about!

PetFon’s battery will hold a charge for up to 18 hours, which seems a little shorter than some other options. However, a portable charging station is provided, which is perfect for when you’re traveling or on the go with your tortoise. All in all, for a handy GPS tracker that doesn’t require a monthly subscription and still performs as well as other models, PetFon is a great option to try!

Found GPS Tracker by Pebblebee

Pebblebee Found LTE GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats with Thirty Day Battery and IPX7 Water Resistance Includes Bluetooth Subscription for Small Cat Collars to Large Dog Collars Alexa Voice Control

Found by Pebblebee is a small, lightweight tracker that’s as durable as it is long lasting. It’s recently been voted best in class for battery life, providing a 30-day charge thanks to their long lasting, easy charging LTE-M technology. Found is a waterproof GPS tracker, providing features like virtual fences, custom tracking, and remote vibration. It’s compatible with all Android and iOS devices, making it easy for anyone to use when tracking their lost tortoise or other pet!

Found has several options for whatever suits your needs the best, including a Bluetooth version with no monthly fee and a 90-day free trial on their cellular network tracking option. This customizable feature isn’t available on many devices, but it’s a huge bonus for you! Pebblebee has a wide variety of different tracking devices to choose from, providing peace of mind and ease of finding Shelly when she feels like taking a walk!

The cellular network tracking device option will provide tracking throughout the US and Canada, putting no limits on your tortoise tracking. For a lightweight, water resistant, durable little tracker with a variety of options, Found is a great choice for helping you find your beloved tortoise!

Paw Fit 2 GPS Tracker

Pawfit 2 GPS Dog Tracker for Pet Dog Collar, Three Positioning, IP68 Waterproof, Removal Alert, Safety Zone Alert, Included Embedded SIM Card, Mini GPS Tracker for Dogs and Large Cats

The Paw Fit 2 is also technically designed for dogs but will help you track your tortoise just as effectively. Thanks to its included SIM card it connects to the T-Mobile networks while also using GPS and Bluetooth to ensure you stay connected to your beloved pet. With coverage all over North America and Europe, it’s safe to say you can track your tortoise a fair distance with this tracking device!

Some awesome features of the Paw Fit 2 include its waterproof design (submergible up to 3 meters), its anti-drop and anti-bite hardened shell, and its 6-day battery life. It’s easily attached to any collar or harness and can be fashioned to fit a shell without too much of a problem. It also has a super cool text-to-speech feature that allows anyone who finds your tortoise to identify them by simply pushing the power button — this will broadcast your tortoise’s ID and help get them back to you safely!

With all these features — plus alerts that let you know things like when your tortoise has left their safe zone, if the tracker has been removed, or the temperature has changed in your tortoise’s environment, the Paw Fit 2 really has all the bases covered in helping you keep your tortoise safe and sound!

Tractive Waterproof GPS Tracker

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker - Location & Activity, Unlimited Range & Works with Any Collar (White - Newest Model)

The Tracktive Waterproof GPS tracker is yet another top contender for tracking your tortoise. It does require a subscription plan, but for the peace of mind you’ll get with its capable tracking abilities and features, it’s well worth the commitment. Thanks to its ability to track your beloved tortoise throughout the US, Canada, and 150 other countries, to say this tracker goes the distance would be a massive understatement.

Tracktive has all the great features you need for tracking your tortoise, including all day live tracking, customizable safe zones, and location history. It’s also waterproof (as the name suggests), lightweight, durable, and keeps you connected to your tortoise through not one, but four major cellular networks. Are you starting to see the reason this device has 4-star reviews from over 4,000 happy customers?

With all its features combined with the long-distance reach of its tracking abilities, Tracktive hits all the marks. If you’re looking for the tracker that can do it all, keep you connected through multiple mobile networks no matter where you or your tortoise may be, and has over 4,000 reviews to back it up, the Tracktive Waterproof GPS tracker may be your best bet!

Anzir QR Code Tags

Anzir QR Dog Tags Custom for Pets,Dog Name Tag & Pet Tag,GPS Pet Id Tag,Scannable QR Pet Tags for Location,Cat Id Tag&Dog Id Tag with Online Profile,Dogs Tags Personalized for Pets (Bone)

While this device is unlike the others in that it’s not a GPS tracking device, the fact that it’s so clever earned it a place on this list. The Anzir QR Code tags work like a microchip in a sense: the QR code on the tag is scannable by anyone who finds your lost tortoise, which then alerts you via email to their location. See, told you it was clever!

Some might argue that this isn’t as effective as a GPS tracker, and they might be right. However, this microchip/GPS hybrid thingy seems to be quite effective at doing its job — and has no additional costs involved after the initial purchase. Essentially, your tortoise comes to you, versus you searching all over for your tortoise. For people who aren’t able to use other types of trackers for whatever reason, this is a huge bonus!

Let’s face it, if you found a tortoise wearing a tag with a QR code, you’d scan it, right? Not many tortoises go wandering around on the average day, so the sight of one is enough to make anyone curious! Thanks to this nifty design, all you have to do is register it through the app, create a profile for your tortoise, and you’re good to go. If they decide to take a day trip without your knowledge, you’ll surely be notified by the first person to see them — no one could resist helping an adorable tortoise after all!