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Top 15 Pets Parents Can’t Say No To

Not a day goes by when one of my children doesn’t ask me for a brand new, wiggly, wriggly, barky little puppy. And not a day goes by when I don’t say no. As a kid, I remember the desperation of wanting a new pet.

But as the grownup in the house, it’s easy for me to say “no way” to the mess, the cost, and all that work.

But not every pet is as much effort as a puppy! Hopefully, your kids won’t find this list of pets because if they do, you probably won’t be able to say no to any of these top 15 pets parents can’t say no to.

Sea Monkeys

Sea Monkey

For the kid who needs instant gratification (and for the parent who needs instant relief from the begging), Sea Monkeys might just be your answer.

These all-in-one pet kits give you what seems like instant life. Each kit contains a small aquarium, water conditioner, sea monkey eggs, and food. Then, all you have to do is add water! Allow the conditioner to work for about 24 hours before adding the eggs, and your sea monkeys will quickly come to life!

You can watch your sea monkeys swim, grow, mate, and reproduce right in their own little tank. And if that isn’t interesting enough, get a Sea Monkey Raceway and start your own sea monkey races to see which of your little sea monkey pets is the fastest!

Sea monkeys are a hybrid form of brine shrimp and are entirely harmless. They won’t naturalize in your local streams or pond. And if your child accidentally takes a sip? They are shrimp, after all, and are technically edible.

Stick Insects

Stick Insects_220522

For one of the quietest pets on earth, you might want to consider a stick insect. Are they creepy? Yes. Are they weird? Still yes.

But they’re also quieter than a mouse! They don’t take up much room, and they certainly don’t stink.

They don’t shed, and they are fun to watch! These insects live for about a year, so they aren’t a great big commitment, either. You can keep males and females together, and they aren’t aggressive or harmful to humans.

You can watch them grow and reproduce. And if you only have females, not to worry. They don’t need a male to reproduce! Instead, they’ll lay eggs that look like rocks in the bottom of their enclosure.

Crowned Stick Insects are extra good for beginners because they are hardy and peaceful. And you can feed them eucalyptus leaves. Watch this video to find out a little more about stick bugs and why they make great pets.



If soft and fuzzy is your thing, a rabbit is one of the best pets. So why can’t you say no to a rabbit? They’re just so soft and snuggly! A well-mannered rabbit can have free range of your home if you like. They can be easily litterbox trained, and they don’t eat much, either.

You can also use your rabbit as a pseudo-composter by feeding it vegetable scraps and getting beneficial rabbit manure in exchange! Again, they’re great for your garden.

Rabbits make no noise and very little smell. The only caveat, of course, is the chewing, so keep any and all-electric cords and anything else you don’t want to be chewed away from your little bunbun.

On the other hand, if you don’t like house pets, some pet bunnies can live happily in a backyard hutch. Of course, they’ll need to be acclimated to the weather and kept safe and dry. But most of the time, rabbits are perfectly happy inside or out.



The proverbial goldfish might just be the favorite pet that parents just can’t turn down. After all, you don’t need a fancy aquarium for a typical goldfish. Just a bowl and some fish flakes are enough to keep your scaly friend happy and healthy.

Better yet, goldfish are inexpensive and can be easily replaced if they happen to meet an untimely end. Of course, if you have a couple of goldfish, you might be lucky enough to get goldfish eggs and eventually goldfish babies!


Madagasccar hissing Cockroach

Yep, you heard that right. Mom will never say no to a pet cockroach! Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches that is. These aren’t the same as the invasive pest with the same name. No, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches actually make great pets!

According to thesprucepets.com, these bugs are gentle, easy to care for, and hardy.

They won’t harm people or pets, either. And Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches can’t naturalize in the United States, so don’t worry about what would happen if one escapes.

All you need is a ten-gallon aquarium to raise a couple of these little pets, with some shaving and hiding spots, too. They’ll eat fruits and vegetables alongside a little dry dog food, so they aren’t expensive to raise.

Just be sure your state doesn’t require a permit for these little critters before you jump in!



If you’re looking for a pet that parents can’t say no to, you might need to do a really good sales job to get a chicken. However, if your folks will only agree to outdoor pets, they might not be able to turn down the infamous chicken. After all, what’s not to love about a pet that poops breakfast?

Chickens make surprisingly good pets (so long as your township will allow them). They live outdoors in their own little coup, you can feed them pellets or leftovers or let them free-range, and they’ll give you a steady supply of eggs.

You can teach chickens to come when called, and they can even learn a few tricks. Certain breeds are extra snuggly, so if you want to have pets that sit on your lap, you might just love having a pet chicken.

If you let them, they’ll turn your compost, dig your spring flowerbeds, and keep ticks under control in the yard. What parents can say no to that?



A pet that doesn’t shed? Perfect! A pet that doesn’t make you sneeze? Even better! According to oddlycutepets.com, tortoises won’t bother your allergies.

Tortoises make surprisingly good pets, especially if you find a breed like the Russian tortoise. They’re small, they don’t need a ton of space, and they don’t need much care.

In addition, tortoises are hardy pets, and they have a long life span, so your mom won’t have to worry about kids crying over a pet that died after a year or two.

Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko

If you and your family are obsessed with the Geico Gecko (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), maybe a Leopard Gecko will be a pet that your parents just can’t say no to. After all, these little lizards are easy to take care of, colorful, and cute.

These little reptiles need a few things to get started, but they are relatively inexpensive, have long lifespans, and don’t smell or shed.

Another great reason to get a Gecko – and one your parent probably can’t refuse- is that a Gecko can be left alone for a few days. So if you’re heading out on vacation, you won’t need to pay for a kennel or a house sitter for these little cuties.

Cage clean-up is super easy, too. Their excrement is hard and dry, and they typically go in the same spot all of the time. So you’ll just need a little scooper to scoop out the poop once or twice a week.

Leopard Geckos come in so many different patterns and colors you can probably find one to match any décor! Your mom will be so thrilled when your reptile matches your drapes. How could she possibly say no? Check out petassure.com for more info on leopard gecko care.



If you want birds, quail are pet birds that your parents just can’t say no to. Why is that, you say? Because this is a pet that feeds you! Quail are small birds that live in a cage.

The females are very quiet and calm, so that you can keep a few in a cage together. They’re happy staying in their little cages, too, so you won’t need to let them fly around your home to get exercise – which means they won’t leave poop on the piano, the floor, or the kitchen table!

Quail don’t make a huge mess, and as long as you keep the cage clean, they don’t have much odor, either. In addition, quail don’t eat much, so you won’t have to spend tons of hard-earned cash on their dinner. Plus, you can feed them a few kitchen scraps, like cucumbers, to supplement their diets and cut your feed bill even more.

You can raise these little birds outside in a hutch if you prefer. As long as they have fresh food, water, and cover, they are easy to raise and will offer you plenty of fresh eggs!



Oh, rats! How can your parents say no to a pet rat? Pet rats are fastidiously clean, smart, and easy to take care of. In spite of the rodent stigma attached to being a rat, they’re actually friendly little pets that can learn tricks and eat many of the same foods as the kids.

Rats aren’t expensive to own and don’t require tons of vet care or special foods, either. They’ll be happy in their enclosure or sitting on your lap. Rats won’t’ live for more than a couple of years, so parents won’t need to worry about keeping their child’s rat when they leave for college.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs

One of the most straightforward pets to take care of, why not choose a hermit crab? These docile and friendly little creatures are sure to win over your parents’ hearts, so they just can’t say no.

Hermit crabs can easily live in a glass aquarium with some sand in the bottom. They need a little food, a little water, and some entertaining shells and toys.

Other than that, you can hold them and look at them. They are simple to care for, inexpensive and will live a long time if you give them good care.

Ant Farm


Why have one pet when you can have hundreds? Ant farms are pretty self-contained ecosystems. You can watch those little ants dig, carry food, and create communities without having to put in much effort. So long as that little case doesn’t break open when someone accidentally knocks it onto the floor, you’ve got a cozy set of critters to enjoy.

They barely need to be fed and will keep you and your child entertained for, well, at least a few seconds as they watch the ants tirelessly labor on the ant farm.

Ants can live for a few months up to a year, and a self-sustaining ant farm means you won’t need to feed your ants at all, according to Ant’s Kingdom. Zero effort, plenty of ant-worthy entertainment.



Surely, your parents can’t say no to a Tamagotchi. After all, these pets don’t need a cage, nor do you need to pay for food and vet bills, either.

Just a single up-front cost and this digital pet will keep you entertained for hours as you care for it, feed it play with it, and take selfies with it!

How can your parents say no to a pet they never have to worry about? And if it dies, it’s ok! You can start over again with a new one.

A Succulent

A Succulent

If your parents don’t like any of those mobile pets, maybe they would spring for a succulent. All you need is a plant and a pot! Succulents come in a wide range of shapes and colors, so you can choose any that suits your fancy. Then, add a pair of googly eyes and give your pet a name!

Mom just can’t refuse because these pets don’t shed, don’t poo, and don’t need to be fed! A little water and some sunshine are all these happy plants need to thrive. Bonus, succulents are great listeners, and they’ll never tell your secrets!

Pet Mice

Pet Mice

Pet mice are animals that are easy to look after. They live for about 1 to 3 years too, so a decent time to enjoy their company and give them a good life.

Mice do need company so be sure to buy them as a pair or more. Their cages only need to be deeply cleaned every one to two weeks. Their food is also very simple, a mice food mix from a local pet store will be enough. Although naturally scared of being held and petted, mice can be taught and eventually enjoy human interaction.

A Pet Rock

Pet rock

Ask your parents to get you a pet rock if all else fails. Or paint one yourself! A pet rock can hold the door for you, keep your papers from flying away, and sit pretty on your desk. You never have to give it food or water, and you certainly don’t have to vacuum up its fur. A pet rock will be your best friend, and all it ever needs in return is a little bit of … space.

With all of these fantastic pets, you might think your parents will simply say yes! But if they don’t, you might need to spend a little bit of time convincing your parents to let you have one. So here are a few ideas on how to convince your parents to let you have a pet.

Tips Convince Your Mum to Let You Have a Pet

  • Show your parents how well you take care of your favorite stuffed animal and tell them it’s just like taking care of the real thing! They’ll be so impressed, they’ll just say yes!
  • Beg them all day, every day, until you wear them down, and they will say yes so that you’ll stop talking to them!
  • Make your parents’ bed every single morning, so they see how responsible you are (just make sure they aren’t still in it).
  • Show them how your new pet (such as a chicken or quail) can provide you with breakfast or how your new rabbit could give them fertilizer for their garden.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation for your mum and show her adorable pictures of your potential pet that will make her heart just ache for one.
  • Promise your parents that you will feed it, walk it, scoop its poop, and pay for all the vet bills with your allowance money (provided they increase it by a whole bunch).
  • Better yet, talk to your parents about all of the things your new pet needs to thrive and show them how you can take care of all of those needs with their support.

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