Dogs that can kill a lion

Top 10 Dog Breeds Capable of Killing a Lion

The lion is known as the king of the jungle and with good reason. Lions are incredible hunters that possess the size, speed, and strength to cut down different kinds of prey. Male adult lions can grow to 83 inches in height and have a weight over 420 pounds. With an average bite force of over 650 psi, they pack a lot of power.

So, if you come face to face with a lion, can your dog provide protection? If you are wondering about which dog can kill a lion alone, you are asking the wrong question. Going one on one with a lion would turn out badly for any dog.

However, certain dog breeds attacking in a pack stand a chance. We have highlighted those breeds below so go ahead and check them out.

1. American Bandogge Mastiff

American Mastiffe

To get things started, let’s talk about the American Bandogge Mastiff. The first dogs of this breed were originally meant to be hunters. They were not tracking down lions per se, but they could help their owners hunt hogs and other similar animals in the wild.

The reason why the American Bandogge Mastiff stands a chance against a lion is due to its powerful bite. This breed can generate about 730 psi with a single bite. If it manages to land a clean bite on the lion, that could be enough to significantly hamper its adversary.

Reaching 140 pounds at adulthood, American Bandogge Mastiffs also grows to a decent size. They will not be taken down so easily in a fight for survival.

2. Boerboel


The Boerboel or the South African Mastiff will wow you with its size. Boerboel dogs can tip the scales at over 175 pounds. They also reach up to 27 inches in height, making them among the largest dog breeds you will see.

Of course, size alone is not going to help a dog survive an encounter with a lion. What is so remarkable about the South African Mastiff is that it possesses remarkable agility for its size. Pair that size with its natural aggression when it senses danger, and you can see why it stands a chance.

Boerboels are receptive to training and can take that aggression out of them. When the need to attack arises, though, you can count on them to strike swiftly.

3. Cane Corso

Cane Corso

In the Cane Corso, we have yet another powerful bitter. Like the American Bandogge Mastiff from earlier, the Cane Corso has a bite force that reaches 700 psi. On average, Cane Corso dogs hit that mark precisely.

This breed of dog is not especially large, however. It can grow up to 28 inches in height and weigh about 120 pounds. Compact is probably a better word to describe this breed.

It must rely on its powerful bite to win a struggle against a lion. With its lack of size and high-level agility, landing a well-placed bite is its only chance in that kind of encounter.

4. Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd could quite possibly be the largest dog breed you will ever see. The average adult Caucasian Shepherd is slightly lighter than the Boerboel at 170 pounds. However, it makes up for that by growing up to 30 inches in height.

Early breeders took notice of the Caucasian Shepherd’s size right away. They often do guard duty and shield livestock from potential predators such as coyotes and wolves.

Any encounters between lions and Caucasian Shepherds are not documented, but the sheer size of this breed combined with its strength does give it a fighting chance, though.

5. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino hounds are not big at all. They top out at around 100 pounds and about 27 inches.

So, why have we included them here?

Well, what Dogo Argentino hounds lack in size, they make up for in tenacity. These dogs are bundles of energy, and they can stay on the attack for a prolonged period. That quality is hugely helpful in a fight against a lion.

Combine that boundless stamina with the Dogo Argentino’s forceful 500 psi bite, and you can see why we included them here. They may need to wage an unconventional fight against a lion, but it can work.

6. Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro dogs are similar to Bloodhounds for one specific reason. Both of those breeds excel at hunting animals down.

Put a Fila Brasileiro dog in a fight against a healthy lion, and your canine would be severely disadvantaged. However, if you need to track down a wounded lion, the Fila Brasileiro stands a better chance.

This breed is not going to intimidate other animals with size, but it is tenacious. That will come in handy for hunting animals down. It will also help boost this dog’s odds for survival in a fight.

7. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback carries the distinction of being a breed specifically nurtured for hunting lions. The fact that they are known as African Lion Hounds is a testament to that.

Like the Fila Brasileiro above, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are famous for their hunting skills. They can find wounded lions that have retreated from battle.

Bringing the fight to the lion will not turn out well for a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Instead, they must rely on their quickness and agility to evade the lion until reinforcements arrive. Having a deep energy reserve enables Rhodesian Ridgebacks to continuously hunt down lions.

8. Rottweiler


One look at the Rottweiler, and you will see why it has become known as a reliable guard dog by homeowners all over the world. Adult Rottweilers have muscular bodies packed into medium-sized frames. They also have a bite force of around 330 psi that exceeds what most other breeds can muster.

Another thing to note about Rottweilers is their aggressiveness. They will attack as soon as they sense a threat.

Given how powerful their bite is, an aggressive Rottweiler may have a shot in a duel against a lion. Their tenacious nature will also drive them to keep biting until subduing the lion.

9. Turkish Kangal

Turkish Kangal

We have talked about some dog breeds with powerful bites already, but the Turkish Kangal is at the top of that list. Turkish Kangals can generate over 740 psi with a single bite.

Turkish Kangals can also mature into intimidating guardians of your home. In terms of height, they can reach about 33 inches. Fully grown Turkish Kangals will weigh about 140 pounds.

A lack of stamina can be an issue for this breed, though. It needs to win a fight quickly, or else it could wear down and succumb to its opponent.

If you are thinking of taking a Turkish Kangal home, you should know that they are territorial. You must establish control over them right away to curb their misplaced aggression.

10. Wolf Dog


Last up, we have the Wolf Dogs. Like Turkish Kangals, Wolf Dogs are notoriously difficult to train. You must be willing to invest plenty of time in their training to rein them in properly.

The agility of the Wolf Dog is what stands out most. You do not expect a dog that weighs over 120 pounds and is around 33 inches in height to move like that.

The kind of aggression this breed boasts is also crucial in fights against lions. When hunting in a pack, Wolf Dogs can surround and quickly overwhelm their prey. They can also land the death blow quickly, thanks to their sharp teeth.