Hot glue

Is Hot Glue Safe For Hamsters?

So you just got a pet hamster, and now you’re wondering how to entertain the little guy…

You don’t need to fork out dozens of dollars to get your pet hamster a toy or an additional part for his cage. You can make one — or multiple — instead!

All you need are a few household supplies to make your new furry friend a few fun treat holders, climbing platforms, or box hideouts. He’ll be over the moon!

Since the toy making process will likely involve glue, you’re probably wondering just how safe hot glue is for hamsters, right? Great question!

To help you make the best and safest decision for your tiny new friend, I scoured pet forums and sites to give the most accurate answer. Is hot glue toxic for hamsters? Or is it totally harmless? Let’s find out!

How Safe is Hot Glue for Hamsters?

From what I’ve found on pet forums and veterinary sites, hot glue is safe for hamsters. Pet owners insist they’ve used hot glue to make toys for their hamster, and have not seen any negative effects in their hamster as a result of the glue.

However, it’s only safe if it’s a specifically non-toxic glue. Look for “non-toxic” on the label to double check it’s safe for your hamster. If it’s not, keep shopping until you find one that is.

According to hamster owners, the best hamster-friendly hot glues include Elmer’s Children Safe Glue, Henkel Ponal Wood Glue, and Eco Bond Glue. These three are all non-toxic glues that are generally safe for your hamster with good bonding capacity.

Elmer’s Wood Glue is considered to be one of the safest options around for pets as it’s non-toxic and has a low VOC, which makes it extremely pet-friendly. However, you will still need to be careful and watch your hamster to ensure he does not consume a large dose of this substance. If your hamster consumes hot glue, he might struggle clearing it through his GI tract and may require a visit to the veterinarian in the near future.

You’ll be able to purchase these on Amazon, as well as at Walmart and most stationary stores.

Is Hot Glue Toxic To Hamsters?

When used correctly and in small amounts, hot glue is not toxic for hamsters. Because hot glue does not release harmful fumes, it is relatively safe to be used around your furry friend for a fun little toy or addition to his cage.

Things can get a little more complicated if he consumes the hot glue. However, it isn’t lethal. If your hamster ingests hot glue, it will leave his system with enough fluids to flush it out. Of course, if you’ve seen your hamster eating hot glue, it’s worth getting him checked out by a vet to ensure his vitals are healthy.

In some cases, ingesting hot glue may cause vomiting and diarrhea in your hamster. Attempt to make your dog vomit using the aid of a vet-prescribed medicine so he can remove it from his system.

Keep an eye on other symptoms such as lack of appetite. Take him to your local veterinary clinic if he’s displaying these symptoms. They’ll be able to give him the appropriate treatment and medication so he can recover as fast as possible and get back to his healthy self!

Tips for Keeping Hot Glue Safe for Hamsters

If you’d like to create a few nice toys for your pet hamster, make sure you follow these steps so that he doesn’t get harmed from hot glue. While hot glue for hamsters is pretty safe, stick to these guidelines for making it as safe as possible for your furry little companion.

Choose a Non-Toxic, Child-Safe Hot Glue

Hot glue is only safe for hamsters and other pets if it’s non-toxic. While there are probably hot glues out there that don’t state non-toxic on the packaging, it’s better to be safe than sorry and choose the ones that do. Elmer’s Children Safe Glue, Henkel Ponal Wood Glue, and Eco Bond Glue are some of your best options.

DON’T Let Him Ingest it

It won’t kill him, but it certainly won’t do him any favors. One pet owner on reddit says that while their pet hamster won’t touch the stuff, they’ve tried to cover it up as best as they can to prevent consumption from occurring. Try doing the same for your hamster. If you suspect he’s eaten a large amount of hot glue, take him to your veterinarian immediately so he can vomit it out.

Leave Glue to Dry for 24 Hours

Hot glue is called hot glue for a reason — it’s because it’s actually hot! To prevent your hamster from accidentally getting burned and ending up in a lot of pain, wait for the glue to completely solidify before letting your hamster climb on his new toy. Besides preventing him from getting burned, it’ll also ensure a toy is intact so your hamster doesn’t fall off mid-play. Plus, it will stop it from getting in his eyes — which never ends well!

Glues to Avoid as a Pet Owner

Here are the glues your hamster needs to stay far away from, according to experts.

Super Glue

For the sake of your hamster’s health and wellbeing, keep him well away from super glue. Super glue contains cyanoacrylate, which can cause vomiting, coughing, and a sealed throat when ingested. If swallowed, super glue will become stuck in his stomach.

While super glue isn’t toxic, if your hamster gets it in his eyes, he could end up experiencing pain, irritation, and infections. In severe cases, glue sticking to the lid may lead to loss of vision in the eye. They can also ruin your hamster’s skin. In other words, you’re better off not using super glue at all when making hamster toys.

Gorilla Glue

Since gorilla glue contains diisocyanate, contact with this glue can cause irritation to your hamster’s gastrointestinal tract. When mixed with acid and stomach fluid, this type of glue expands in the body, blocking your hamster’s intestines and esophagus when ingested.

Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue can cause distress in your pet hamster. He may even develop allergic reactions when in contact with epoxy glue, with symptoms ranging from skin irritation to vomiting and high fever. Avoid using this type of glue when making hamster toys.