Cat resting on laptop

Top 8 Fake Laptops for Cats

A dog may be man’s best friend, but anyone who has worked from home knows that cats want to be your personal assistant. For some reason, most cats are obsessed with laptops. There are a couple of theories as to why: cats enjoy the warmth that a laptop gives off and they want to get as close as possible to their favorite human. As a way to make your cat happy, we put together a list of the best fake laptops for cats.

1. ebuddy Toy Laptop Mirror

ebuddy Mini Dollhouse Toy Laptop Mirror for Cat Pet, 16 inch 18 inch Dolls

At just under 3 inches wide, this tiny laptop is the cutest gift to give your cat. Instead of a screen, a mirror is inside. The mirror allows the cat to see their own reflection and even play with lights that shine off the screen. Your cat can sit and get work done (aka play) alongside you.

Since this toy laptop comes in such a small size, it is perfect for your other pets too! Birds especially love interacting with their reflection. Also, this toy is the perfect size for hamsters and rabbits to “work” on.

2. Catbook Pro Cat Scratching Post

CHENG YI Catbook Pro Cat Scratching Post with Detachable Mouse Teaser Cat Computer Book Scratcher Toy, Black

The Catbook Pro is the perfect “laptop” for your furry friend. This toy is actually a corrugated cardboard scratching post. Instead of a screen and keyboard, this laptop has scratching pads. Also, your cat can enjoy playing with the mouse toy that is included. The mouse is a teaser toy so you can play along with your cat.

3. Pet Voice Recording Buttons

Voice Recording Button, Dog Buttons for Communication Pet Training Buzzer, 20 Second Record & Playback, Funny Gift for Study Office Home 4 Packs (Blue+Pink+Yellow+Purple)

Laptops are often used for humans to communicate. Maybe your cat wants to use your laptop to communicate with you! Use these pet communication buttons to help your cat talk to you. You can record a word or phrase and then train your cat to understand the meaning. For example, press the button with an “I’m hungry” recording every time you feed your cat. In no time, they’ll be pressing the button to let you know that they’re ready to feast!

4. Suck UK Cat Scratch Laptop

Suck UK Cat Scratch Laptop_110822

When it comes to fake laptops for your cat, you can’t beat this cat scratch laptop. The laptop even comes decorated with stickers, including #feedmehuman and “I heart catnip”. There is a furry mouse plugged into the laptop for extra fun.

Since this laptop is a scratch pad, your cat can enjoy playing with their own “electronics” without causing any damage to your items. The entire piece is made of recyclable cardboard with a corrugated cardboard scratching pad. If the pad gets worn down, you can cut a plain scratch pad down to size.

5. Old Laptop

Of course, there’s no need to purchase a fake laptop for your cat if you already have an old one that can be repurposed. Technology is always being upgraded and we always have old models hanging out at home. This is a great way to keep trash out of landfills while making your cat happy.

If the laptop is still functioning, that is even better for your cat. You can turn it on and allow your cat to cuddle on the warm keyboard. Also, you can put on interactive videos or calming music for the cat to enjoy. Put the laptop on the desk next to your own so your cat can feel included in your workday.

6. Toy Laptop

Disney Princess Style Collection Laptop with Phrases, Sound Effects & Music! Girls Toy Pretend Laptop

An affordable option for getting your cat a fake laptop is to purchase a child’s toy. The screen on this laptop is not functional, but the keyboard is interactive. Your cat can tap along. If you put batteries in the laptop, it will also play noises and music.

This toy laptop is 9 inches wide, so it is the perfect size for your cat to interact with. It won’t take up too much space, but it is big enough for your cat to comfortably lay on top of. If you have children, your cat and kids can even share the laptop.

7. Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook 4 Chrome OS 11.6" HD Intel Celeron Processor N4000 4GB RAM 32GB eMMC Gigabit Wi-Fi - XE310XBA-K01US

The Samsung Chromebook is one of the most affordable new laptops on the market. If it is in your budget and you want to spoil your cat, you can buy them a laptop of their own. Put on videos of fish or mice for your cat to interact with. You can also play music or recordings or squeaker toys.

Since this is a fully functional laptop, it will give off warmth when it is up and running. Instead of napping on your laptop when you are trying to work, your cat can enjoy a catnap on their own warm computer.

8. Fat Cat Big Mama’s Lappy Toppy Cat Mat

Fat Cat Big Mama's Lappy Toppy Cat Mat

If your cat uses your laptop as a comfortable place to sleep, replace it with this cat mat. Instead of being a firm laptop, this is a soft canvas mat that is filled with foam and catnip. Your cat can use it flat like a closed laptop or propped open. To make things more authentic, there’s even an attached mouse to play with.

By giving your cat a soft surface to enjoy, they may be less likely to want to snuggle up on your laptop. Your cat gets a great place to snooze and you get full access to your laptop again.

Bonus – Clear Acrylic Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover

Clear Acrylic Keyboard Cover Protector Anti-Cat,2 in 1 Keyboard Bridge Protector and Monitor Stand

Even if you get your cat their own fake laptop, there is a chance that they will want to climb all over your computer or keyboard. This clear acrylic keyboard cover can be used on keyboards or laptops. It helps keep cats from walking or sleeping on your electronics.

Your cat can sit on the cover and you will still be able to work and type on your keyboard. That means no more fur between the keys or random letters being typed while you work. Since the cover is clear, it is easy to continue working with your furry friend helping you.