Dog and Cat lying together

Would You Rather Have a Dog or a Cat?

Ah yes, an age-old question likely to cause war in even the most civil of friend groups.

I own both, and, as a pet lover, I would like to say I like each equally, but alas, such moral high ground eludes me.

The truth is, I’m a complete and utter dog person. Now, before you come at me in a zealous rage to defend the pet cat you believe I have insulted, I would like to point out that both my cat and my dog get along amazingly and that they are often smothered with more love than they can bear.

It’s just that if I had to choose one animal, and only one, to own as a pet for the rest of my life, I’d prefer a dog.

This editorial could be boring. I could give you a list of reasons why dogs are superior to cats, or I could put you to sleep with my endless string of opinions on the benefits of dogs and cats.

Instead, I’d like to provide you with a fresh perspective, and in the end, you may even find yourself agreeing with me, regardless of your earlier thoughts.

Below is a comparison of the behavior of a dog and a cat at various times during the day. Many of these are real experiences I’ve had. Others are things I’m 100% sure have happened to at least one cat and dog owner somewhere around the globe.



Ah yes, a dog’s favorite time of the day must be around the time you wake up. They may hop on your bed, attempt to play, or even cuddle with you as you exit dreamland. Not only that, but most dogs also keep you safe at night, or at least that’s what they believe they’re doing as they lay sleeping, one ear directed at the door.

The shimmer of ecstasy and excitement in your dog’s eyes as they first notice you stir is good enough to make any day a good one.


Cats rarely awaken humans for any reason other than food or play. Not only will a cat bother you if they need you for something in the morning, but the incessant, high-pitched meowing they use to do so could drive me up the wall,

My cat is incredibly grumpy if I try to wake her up so I can make my bed. Not only does she refuse to move, but she hisses if I even try to lift her from the comfort of my pillow.



Okay, there’s no denying dogs will beg for food, but at least they’re asking, and at least they look cute doing it. Who can blame them? Mealtime is exciting for everyone. At least when you choose to give your dog a sliver of chicken from your plate, it will be grateful and thrilled.

Dogs are rarely fussy, too. They will eat anything and everything that even remotely smells like meat, and to be honest, I’ve always liked easily pleased animals.


Felines, on the other hand, are the fussiest creatures alive. Not only does my cat refuse to eat her food, either wet or dry, and forces me to give her rice and tuna to make sure she doesn’t starve, but if I leave my plate unattended for even a minute, I’ll come back to half of it long gone.

Cats get first prize for the most snobbish pets, and if they don’t like the food you offer them, they make sure you know it through excessive, never-ending meows and yowls.

And don’t tell me my cat isn’t appropriately trained, and that’s why she eats from my plate. I have tried every method known to man. She’s just too damn stubborn.

Human Interaction


Stranger danger is a great thing to teach your pets. However, becoming aggressive towards or ignoring people who take a genuine interest in you is definitely a cat thing.

My dog loves playing with kids in the park. She also loves pets, scratches, and cuddles at all times of the day. I mean, dogs love their owners no matter what, so it makes sense they’ll have a special connection with humans.


On the other hand, cats couldn’t care less about you or your desire to say hello. If you feel lonely and want cuddles, your cat will likely be found somewhere in a corner, rigorously licking herself.

I’m more than 100% sure if my cat could talk while I was trying to pet her, she would simply say, “Excuse me, woman, can you not see I’m busy licking myself?” and that would be the end of it.

Cats are incredibly moody creatures, and I’m always treading a thin, blurry-grey line between getting scratched in the face or getting a response of purrs and licks when I move in to pet her.

Cats are gorgeous animals, but you don’t want to deal with their moody kitty hormones.

Play Time


Everyone enjoys playing with their dogs. It’s loads of fun throwing a ball or frisbee, or chasing them around your garden, seeing the look of utter joy and mischief in their eyes. I know I love playing fetch with my dog or laughing hysterically at her when she gets zoomies.


Cats aren’t exactly fun animals. Sure, they’ll play with you if you use the right toy, but most of the time, you’ll just get a lazy glare and then be ignored for the remaining hour.

When you do get your cat to play, it will either end in something breaking or a nasty scratch to you or a piece of furniture. Kittens are the most adorable things in the world, but full-grown cats can turn into terrors when they get excited.

Bath Time


I feel like this one’s self-explanatory. Still, despite my dog’s near-perfect nature, she absolutely hates baths. She will splash and struggle as soon as her feet touch the water, but there’s an essential difference. Once I calm her with a toy or treat, she immediately relaxes and lets me get on with the shampooing.

Getting brushed is her ultimate reward, and I always love to see her eyes drooping as she dozes off beneath the brush strokes on her back.


Unlike my dog, my cat fits the bathing stereotype exactly. She is a complete and utter nightmare.

She doesn’t even need to come near the bath to get feisty. Opening the tap is enough to send her into orbit, and yes, you guessed it, I end up with more scratches. By now, my arms look worse than her scratching pole.

Brushing doesn’t help, blowdrying aggravates her further, and she doesn’t let go of her grudge for at least a day, convincing me all cats have a mental notebook marking down each bath as a sign of the utmost disrespect. If that wasn’t bad enough, she always makes sure to through a massive tantrum as soon as she’ is freed from her towel.

Coming Home From Work


Before I took on writing as a career, I spent much of my day driving between meetings. When I got home in the evening, I’d naturally be exhausted, but my dog’s excitement at seeing me again would mean the world.

She would always smother me in licks as she tried to show me how much she missed me, and, darn it, it warmed my heart.


If you have any notion of the type of cat I have, you probably guessed correctly that she absolutely did not care when I finally arrived home.

She’d simply sit on the table, doing the same thing she was occupied with before I arrived, and that is absolutely nothing.

I know animals don’t understand concepts like work or time all that well, but even the slightest hint of happiness at seeing me would have redeemed my kitty entirely.

Walking or Going Out


Just the word “walkies” sends my dog into a flat spin of happiness. I love seeing how excited she gets when she notices me take out her leash. She also adores meeting other dogs on our walks and always looks so happy that she’s outside.


On the other hand, my cat makes a bolt for it every time I open my door. She used to be an outdoor kitty but got into way too many fights and hijinks, so I eventually decided to keep her indoors. You wouldn’t believe she’s been an indoor cat for over two years if you see the way she beelines it for the door as soon as it even just cracks open.

As soon as she gets into my garden, it’s up the nearest tree, which keeps me outside for the better part of an hour, trying to get her down.

Why Would I Rather Have a Dog Than a Cat?

I know I’ve given cats some real criticism in this article, but it’s the honest truth. I love my cat more than anything, but she just doesn’t seem to love me back all that much. Relationships are a give-and-take experience, and all my kitty does is take, take, take.

My dog, on the other hand, has so much love to give and makes me appreciate having her every day of my life.

If you need any more convincing as to why I’d rather have a dog, take a look at the list below.

  • Dogs make me happier, and there’s scientific evidence being around dogs can improve almost anyone’s mood.
  • Having a dog can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • My dog keeps me healthy by forcing me to go outside and exercise, even if it’s only a short walk to the park.
  • Dogs are loyal, unlike cats, who may abandon you if someone else offers them food or better toys.
  • My dog helps me be more social, especially when chatting to other dog owners in the park.
  • They’re man’s best friends.
  • All dogs have the potential to imitate Bobbie the Wonder Dog, who tracked his family down over more than 2,500 miles. My cat wouldn’t even go further than the end of the street in search of me.
  • Having a dog makes you cool, at least in my opinion
  • Dogs are more emotionally supportive animals
  • Dogs love humans more than cats. A study found more than five times the oxytocin, or love hormone, in dogs’ saliva compared to cats after interacting with humans for the same amount of time.

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