Cute kitten

Why I love My Cat So Much I Cry

There are two types of animal lovers: dog lovers and cat lovers! Though I believe there are many people out there who love both, I must admit I do love cats more. My sweet little tabby, Gracie, brings me so much joy in life. I love my cat so much I could cry, no kidding.

Saying this, I think it is the same for owners of a pet dog or cat. They both bring so much delight to our lives. My cat is the love of my life.

Let me share with you a few reasons why I love my cat so much I cry.

My cat is hilarious

In reality, you might think life with cats and dogs isn’t always as Disney cartoons portray – the cat and dog chasing antics and arguments! But it sometimes can be. While my dog occasionally chases my cat Gracie when she tries to steal his food, I love how she simply doesn’t care.

I have friends and family who have both, and they all seem to get along pretty well together. In a way they make one big happy family. You see the picture of the kids, dogs, and a cat, all lives entwined! I think these animals do get on sometimes! Maybe it is how they are bought up!

Either way, pets of all kinds bring love and enjoyment to many people around the world. For me, my cat brings so much humor into my life.

My cat is a mamma bear

A funny case of cat cuteness is when I visit my sister. My sister has a cute little Chihuahua named Rosie. Almost daily, she will go and stand by her older cat sister Suzie, sort of requesting her to wash her. I kid you not; this happens. I think Rosie thinks she is a cat! It’s amazing to see her acting like a mamma bear. It brings tears to my eyes.

Suzie is the most gorgeous soft fluffy white Persian and just adorable. She is loving, with little Ruby and my little nieces. It really is fantastic to see them all together! After my own cat Gracie, she is my second fave! Persian cats are beautiful and friendly, and have a long history with humans.

My cat calms me down

As I say, dogs and cats are all God’s creatures. They are all amazing, but personally, cats do it for me every time!

These lovable furies are the winners in being the most adorable pet. For us cat lovers they bring such calming vibes all the time. They are very relaxing.

Unlike a pet dog they are not crying out for a walk as soon as you drop your handbag and coat. A cat just wants a cuddle and maybe some dinner!

A cat is also less stressful to take care of as they don’t suffer from anxiety problems when you leave them either. A huge bonus when you need to work!

My cat is always happy to see me

Every time I come home from work, my cat is thrilled to see me. She gives my face a lick, as if to say “yay, you’re home!. My cat Gracie is the love of my life. Yep, it causes a tiny bit of jealousy with the boyfriend! But, to be honest, she is a lot sweeter and more cuddly! There, I said it…

Simply picking her up into my arms and stroking her or sitting with her when I watch TV soothes my mind. Still, we all already know that a pet cat or dog can both have health benefits and can lower stress and even blood pressure! They can even help those with more serious health conditions.

My cat is so low maintenance

Owning a cat is a lot easier than owning a dog if you have a busy life. They entertain themselves and when they’re not doing that, they sleep about 15 hours a day. If I could have a choice of life change, being a cat wouldn’t be that bad. These creatures do have a great life.

My cat is also really independent (like all cats are!) and can wash and go outdoors without parental guidance. Unless you have raised them as a house cat that is.

Luckily I live in a quiet area, and Gracie loves to spend a few hours outdoors sleeping a little more in the sun! Plus, the nighttime is her favorite time to go exploring.

My cat brings me presents every now and again

How many times has your cat left a little present outside your front door or in your garden? Been there – numerous times.

My Gracie helps keep my place pest-free, so I do not have any problems with rodents, except the boyfriend! Okay, it isn’t fun when she brings a catch in the house, but I think this is her way of bringing me a gift. It is the predatory instincts coming into play. I can’t help but feel a jolt of joy every time she brings something for me, bless her.

My cat always knows when to cheer me up

Gracie is my cute tabby who is 8 years old. I have had her since she was a beautiful 8-week old kitten. Back then, Gracie would prefer to climb curtains than the huge scratching post I bought for her. At the time, I was a bit frustrated that she just never used it. What a waste of money, I thought. But at least she was having fun, I later realized. She was still a baby and would probably use it as she grew older. Nope!

Luckily, she discovered a comfy bed and sofa instead, and pretty much stopped climbing and scratching altogether. Simply put, I wouldn’t be without her. Gracie is such a cutie and soooo lovable. I adore her and hope to have her for many more years. My little tabby is such a pleasure to care for, and I could cry with joy! My cat is the love of my life. She never lets me down.

Emotional bond is so strong with my cat

Animals in general are not judging. They don’t care about social status, how much bank you made, your insecurities, or political views. They just accept you for who you are and love you for being you.

There is no denying this creates a strong bond between you and your cat. Those innocent memories of playing with your cat when they were young. The photos of them in all your family pics. Videos of their sweet faces. These all create memories that are everlasting.

No wonder why your love for your cat can be so strong! They form part of our childhood, family, or just a friendly companion.