Dog with Bandana

Why Do Groomers Put Bandanas on Dogs?

You probably have certain expectations when you pick up your pup at the dog groomers. You expect a clean, well-groomed dog smells good and looks adorable. So much of the time, a dog groomer will add some very charming finishing touches to your dog’s grooming, such as a dash of doggy cologne, a beautiful bow, or better yet, a bandana.

I always loved it when my dog came home from the groomer’s. She was so happy and proud of her fancy attire and reveled in the attention she got on our walks. But have you ever wondered why groomers put bandanas on dogs? Is there a significance to it? Or is it just a grooming tradition? Let’s find out.

Historically, you might associate bandanas with cowboys and bad guys, but the history of the bandana originates much earlier than the wild west. According to, “The word itself is suspected to come from the sanskrit word ‘badhnati’ which means bindsor to tie. Through colonization and trade, the name found its way into the English dictionary around the mid-eighteenth century. Badhnati was later anglicized into ‘bandannoe’ via Portuguese and eventually it came to be the bandana we know today.”

The bandana has a long history, so it’s no wonder our dogs would get to enjoy its benefits, too! Dog groomers put bandanas on dogs because they know it makes the dogs – and also their owners – happy. They want people to enjoy their dog, love how their dog looks, and they love to make the pooches and their people feel good. But there might be some other reasons you’d want to put a bandana on a dog, too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a whole bunch of different uses for bandanas. First, we’ll take a look at how dog groomers like to make their clients – both the two and 4-footed kinds – happy. We’ll also look at how they use it for marketing, to get tips, and to make the finished style look even better.

Of course, you can also use bandanas to send a message, show off your style, or make your dog more visible in traffic. You can use them to tell others if your dog is approachable (or not) or disabled. You can have your dog carry things in his bandana or be prepared for an emergency.

Of course, the best reason a dog wears a bandana is that it makes them happy. Check out these reasons that groomers and dog-owners put bandanas on their pets.

Customer service and marketing.

Dog grooming is a business, and good businesses know that a certain level of customer service and good marketing will go a long way towards keeping their customers happy – even if the customers are dogs! So many dog groomers will give your pup a bandana, a spritz of cologne, or a cute little bow as a finishing touch.

It says to you that your dog was well-cared for and that every detail was attended to. Some dog groomers will have a release form asking you if it is ok with you that they provide these services.

On the other hand, what better way to advertise your dog grooming business than the cute customers themselves? By putting a bandana with a company logo on your pet, you’ll proudly be displaying the groomer’s work. If they’re a good groomer, it’s great advertising!

It’s just cute.

One of the best reasons that a dog groomer puts a bandana on your puppy is that it just looks cute. Of course, your dog is adorable without one. But adding a cutesy, themed bandana just takes the cuteness to a whole new level.

It improves the finished look.

Most customers don’t know what a well-groomed dog is supposed to look like since every breed has its own grooming style. However, an adorable bandana will complete the look, even to an untrained eye. Just like when you have your hair styled at the hair salon, the bandana says this is my professionally-groomed look.

People like it.

Dog groomers like to make people happy, and since people like it when their dogs come home with bandanas, that’s what they do it! Dog groomers enjoy making their canine and human customers happy, and if a bandana gets the job done, that’s just great.

It improves tips.

According to Pet Product News, putting bandanas on dogs actually leads to better tips for the groomer. It makes the dog groomer look as though they took the extra time and consideration to present your puppy to you in a neat little package, just like when you gift-wrap a present.

Dogs love the compliments.

Most dogs love attention and human interaction. So when they get to wear a fancy bandana, they get extra attention from their owners and the people they pass on the street. This makes the dogs – and their humans – even happier.

It’s fashionable.

People love style – so why wouldn’t their dogs? Dogs don’t get to wear too many clothes. They can’t carry a purse or wear sunglasses, but a bandana is a fashionable accessory. It’s easy to put on, doesn’t get in the dog’s way, and is a great-looking accessory for any dog.

To keep dogs warm or cool.

Of course, dogs have a fur coat to keep warm, but sometimes you need a little bit more to keep off the chill. For example, a warm, fuzzy bandana can help keep a dog’s neck and back warmer as it wards off wind, rain, or snow.

On the other hand, you can also use a bandana to chill your dog. I know I love to douse a banana in cold water to wear on my neck when the sun is extra hot, and the same goes for dogs, too.

Help your puppy stay a little cooler in hot weather but dousing a bandana in cold water and tying it around its neck. If your dog is a darker color, choose a light bandana to reflect the heat away, too.

To send a message.

Do you need to make a political statement? Or do you just want to spread a message of love and hope? Make your dog into a walking billboard with a statement on their bandana. You can tell the world what you think without every having to say a word when your dog’s bandana speaks for you. Want to cheer for your kid’s baseball team? Put a team bandana on your pooch to show your support.

Bandanas can break the ice.

Are you shy about talking to people at the dog park? When your dog groomer puts a cool bandana on your pup, someone is bound to compliment you and your dog. This can be a great opener to a whole new friendship with a fellow dog-lover.

To keep dogs calm.

A bandana can work as an excellent tool to keep dogs calm in difficult situations. First of all, if they just associate the bandana with comfort and happiness, the simple act of wearing it might help them feel better, such as when you aren’t around. On the other hand, if you spray the bandana with a calming spray for dogs, they can get the benefits without it touching their fur.

For pest repellent.

Putting pest-repellent directly on your dog isn’t always a good idea. It could cause irritation, illness, or drug interactions. Instead, you can apply some bug repellent to your dog’s bandana, which means you can ward off the pests without taking any risks with your dog’s health.

So you can be color-coordinated with your pup.

Of course, you could turn your pup into your very own fashion accessory with coordinating clothes. A bandana for your doggo that matches your outfit is just the thing to show off how much you and your dog love to be stylish.

Do you love pink? Pair your favorite pink sweater with a pink bandana for your pampered pooch. On the other hand, if you love red or brown, you can color coordinate that too. For every outfit you own, your dog could have a matching neckpiece.

To send a message about your dog.

Some dogs have challenges, and it helps the people around you, as well as your dog if you can let them know before they run up to pet your pooch.

For example, if your dog has anxiety around other people, you could put that on your pup’s bandana, so people are aware to approach carefully. If your dog is blind, you could put that on there as well, so people know not to scare your dog unintentionally.

Murray’s Veterinary Clinic talks about these kinds of bandanas here.

For example, a dog wearing a green bandana is approachable and enjoys interacting with people and other dogs most of the time. On the other hand, a red bandana is worn by a dog that shouldn’t be petted at all. If the dog is wearing orange, you must be cautious and talk to the owner before approaching. Yellow is a sign of a disability.

To make your dog more visible to traffic.

Do you walk your dog at night? A bandana can be reflective to make you and your doggy more visible to traffic. Something like this looks stylish and helps keep your dog safe.

To carry stuff – a dog bandana with a pocket.

Some bandanas come with built-in pockets so your dog can help carry things on a walk. Of course, you don’t want to weigh down your pooch too much, but your dog can easily carry a couple of treats, a waste bag, or your house key in a small pocket on their bandana.

To put your contact info on.

Not every dog is comfortable wearing a collar with tags. But you can write your contact info right on their bandana. Then, if your pooch gets lost, someone will be able to contact you and tell you that they have been found!

To match your dog’s fur.

You can show off your dog’s beautiful coat with a matching- or contrasting – bandana. Is your doggie a loyal black lab? Show her off with a traditional, red-colored bandana.

On the other hand, if your dog is an Australian shepherd, you might offset those beautiful eyes with a stunning blue bandana. Sophisticated poodles look best in a solid color and satiny fabric to match their high-end personalities. Fluffy white westies look adorable when sporting your favorite team colors. At the same time, your golden retriever, with its audacious personality, will gladly sport your favorite cartoon character, tie dyes, and smiley-faced fabrics. Whatever the personality of your pooch, there’s a bandana that will suit!

For survival.

Of course, no one wants to think they’ll need to face a serious survival situation. But just like St Bernard’s can carry emergency supplies, your dog’s bandana can be used for all kinds of survival situations. Forget your face mask? Just grab your pooches bandana in a pinch. If you need a quick bandage, a clean bandana will work, too. Click here to check out a number of survival uses for bandanas that you can be prepared for when your dog wears one.