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Why Does My Dog Pee on My Pee?

So your dog peed over your pee, and now you’re wondering what the heck’s wrong with the dude? Believe it or not, this is not an uncommon situation. Dogs – particularly male dogs – do it all the time. And if you’re both male, expect this to happen more frequently.

As much as we love our furry friends, they can do some pretty wacky stuff at times. Even though my last dog was male, I never personally experienced the problem. Then again, I never peed outside or anywhere he could get close and pee over my urine.

But I do know guys that have experienced the issue before. “My dog peed over my pee!” one of them gushed, in absolute shock.

The fact is, dogs do a lot of things we’ll never understand. But isn’t that the cool part of being a dog ma or pa? The love, the companionship, and the plain old weirdness? I think so!

However, if you’re looking for an exact explanation as to why your dog urinates on your urine, I have a few theories – some of which are backed up by science.

Keep scrolling to gain some clarity on your dog’s bizarre peeing habits.

He’s Marking his Territory

Why does my dog pee where I pee outside is a common question – and scenario. The most obvious answer is that he’s marking his territory. You’ve probably seen this before when walking your dog. Does he lift his leg against every lamp post? Stop at every corner? I know how frustrating it can be, but it’s actually just him marking his territory.

Many animals, including dogs, use urine to mark the area that they consider to be theirs. This behavior lets other animals know that he’s there. It might sound funny, but this territory marking habit goes back years in canine behavior.

Sure, your dog might have a cushy life at home, but he still maintains many of his primitive canine habits. Male dogs mark the most, but it’s definitely possible for females to mark their territory, too.

If your dog’s peeing on your pee, it’s highly likely he’s doing it to mark his territory. Even though it may be your house or you may be his owner, frankly Fido doesn’t really care. He wants everyone around him – including you – to know he’s there.

He’s Looking for a Lady Friend

Another common reason your pooch is peeing over your pee is that they’re in heat and they can smell other canines in heat. When this happens, they’ll do whatever they can to draw attention to themselves, even if that means stooping to pure gross-ness like urinating over your pee.

At the end of the day, to your dog it’s a competition. I guess you could say he wants to “outsmell” you and stand out to the ladies so he’s the one they choose. Females do this too. If she’s in heat and she smells males in heat, she’s very much capable of peeing over your pee and generally just marking her territory.

When any dog is in heat, male or female, they want to be noticed. And their way of doing that isn’t putting on their best attire and sliding over their number on a napkin. Nope. They make things extra smelly!

If you have an issue with this behavior and you can’t understand why my dog peed over my pee, you may want to consider getting them spayed or neutered. You can also speak to your veterinarian for professional advice.

He’s Rebelling

Maybe he’s angry at you, maybe she wants your attention. Either way, dogs can act out by urinating in strange places – including over your own urine. It’s gross, I know. I’m still getting over it!

The thing is, dogs are super smart. They know how to get your attention, how to make you mad, and how to make you give them what they want. You might consider them your pet, but they’re more like a little person determined to get what they want.

Now I’m not saying Sammie was all about the wants. He was happy enough with his cuddles and kisses. But he was smart enough to know how he could get a bone out of me. He’d also turn his nose up at my leftovers, as if wasn’t impressed with my food (or cooking?), so usually I’d cave and get him a chunk of meat from the fridge. I’m weak like that.

He never peed on my pee, but I get how it could happen purely to get your attention.

If you suspect this is happening, pay close attention to how you treat your dog and ask yourself whether you’re fulfilling his needs? It could be that he needs to be walked more regularly, played with more frequently, or socialized with other dogs. As a dog owner, it’s your job to give Fido the best life you can, and that includes making sure he’s content.

He’s Anxious

When dogs get nervous, they’re not unlike us. They don’t eat, don’t sleep, and sometimes – very much unlike humans – they even pee on other pee, including our own. If you’ve ever peed outside while taking your pooch for a stroll, you may have noticed your dog sniffing around it and eventually cocking his leg up to pee over it. Yep, it’s gross, but it’s a natural instinct.

Dogs do this for a few select reasons. Usually, it’s to mark their territory and let other dogs know that’s their space. But often, it can be that your dog is simply anxious. Maybe he’s not well, unhappy, or simply being grumpy for the sake of it. Either way, it’s not uncommon for dogs to pee on pee when they’re feeling anxious.

If your dog feels anxious, urine marking is a way for them to assert their dominance and ultimately lessen their uneasiness. Male dogs most commonly do this. However, it isn’t unheard of in females.

Suspect your dog may be feeling stressed or anxious? Calm him down and soothe his nerves with a pat on the head and belly rub. You could also try giving him a tasty bone to chew on. While these won’t fix the underlying issue of anxiety, they can definitely help them in the moment and help Fido feel instantly more at ease.

If you think your dog has anxiety, speak to a veterinarian for professional guidance. You could also try dog training to alleviate these issues.

What Can You Do About it?

If you’re not a fan of your dog peeing over your pee, the best thing you can do is to stop peeing in his vicinity. Whether you’re peeing in public while taking him for a walk or there’s urine somewhere in the house that your dog has access to, keep it out of his reach. If it’s not there, he won’t be able to do it. Simple as that!

If you think your dog may be sick, take him to your local veterinarian for help. They should be able to prescribe medication for the issue, and this should alleviate the random peeing acts.

At the end of the day, dogs do weird stuff. As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to let him be him, and appreciate his uniqueness. And stop peeing in public places!

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