Bearded dragon sleeping

What Do Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep On?

Bearded Dragons make amazing pets. Though they’re not a good match for everyone, those who own them adore their cute little faces, their funny antics, and their ability to sunbathe for hours on end. Bearded Dragons get quite large when they’re fully grown, which means they need quite a bit of space to climb, burrow, and bask, as well as a suitable place to sleep.

If you’re a new Beardie owner, you may be wondering what exactly Bearded Dragons like to sleep on. The answer depends on your individual pet, and there are multiple options for you to choose from to keep your snoozing Dragon happy. But which one is right for your Beardie? This post will cover several options for you, helping you to find the perfect fit for your Bearded Dragons’ enclosure.

What Do Bearded Dragons Like to Sleep On?

Bearded Dragons like to sleep hidden for the most part, though they have been known to sleep standing up from time to time! The main options for Beardie sleeping quarters include hides, basking rocks, sand to burrow in, and various types of beds designed for a Beardie’s comfort. Read on for a few great examples of each:

In Their Hides

Like most reptiles, Bearded Dragons have a natural instinct to feel safe when it’s time for them to go to sleep. They’re prey to all sorts of predators in the wild, so hiding is a sulrvival tactic. This is why having a hide (or several) in their enclosure is so important — they need a place to escape and don’t always want to be out in the open. These hides are all great choices for your Beardie’s sleeping quarters:

MRREPTILE Bearded Dragon Tent

MRREPTILE Bearded Dragon Tent Hide, Reptile Hide Bed for Leopard Gecko, Dragon Bed/Den

This adorable little tent is a perfect choice for your Beardie’s favorite hiding place. It’s made from canvas and the inside has a soft lining that your Bearded Dragon will love the feel of! It’s decorated with a super cute cactus pattern to compliment your enclosure’s desert theme and can be used with a heating pad for those cold winter nights if needed. All of these great features — plus the fact that it’s easy to assemble — make this little hide a great choice for your Beardie’s new bed!

Zoo Med Habba Hut, Extra Large

Zoo Med Habba Hut, Giant

Any reptile lover knows that Zoo Med has a great variety of enclosure accessories, and this Habba Hut is no different! If you’re not into frills or fancy décor for your Beardie’s quarters, this hide is a great option for a natural, back to basics touch. The extra-large size provides plenty of room for Bearded Dragons, and the natural wood is a nice way to compliment the theme of your enclosure. Your Beardie will love hiding out in this tunnel-like hide and will feel safe and comfortable sleeping here.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Rock Den

Zilla Reptile Habitat Décor Shale Rock Den, Medium


Zilla is yet another well-known brand among reptile lovers. This rock den is doubly awesome as a sleeping hide for your Bearded Dragon since it also provides a nice flat space on top for basking! Reviewers rave about how much their Beardies love these and how well they perform. The non-porous rock material makes it impenetrable by bacteria, and it’s super easy to clean — helping your Beardie’s enclosure stay safe and germ-free! If you’re short on space or just into multi-purpose purchases, this rock den is perfect.

On Their Basking Rocks

Beardies (and reptiles in general) are ectothermic, which means that their bodies can only derive heat from external sources and can’t maintain warmth on their own. This is why reptiles need help from things like heat lamps and under tank heating mats — it helps them to keep their temperature up. Though not recommended for nighttime sleep, many Beardies love catnapping on their basking rocks throughout the day. These rocks are perfect for creating the ultimate basking bliss:

Carolina Custom Cages Basking Rock

Carolina Custom Cages Natural Habitat Rocks, Uluru Red (Medium Size Pair)

This basking rock from Carolina Cutom Cages comes in a beautiful shade of red — perfect for a desert-themed enclosure. Made from natural rock that won’t get too hot for your Beardie, these can also be used to build hides or climbing structures and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Though it’s not super fancy, this basking rock comes from a company that knows Beardies well and will serve as a perfect sunbathing spot for your beloved Dragon!

Zilla Basking Platform Ramp, Large

Zilla Decor Basking Platform Ramp Large

This great design from Zilla is a genius idea for a basking spot! Its natural river rock design will look great in your enclosure, as well as encouraging your Beardie’s natural climbing instincts. Reviewers say their Bearded Dragons love hanging out on these bridge-style basking platforms, and that they warm up nicely without getting dangerously hot. They’re also super easy to clean with just a little warm soapy water, making them a low maintenance accessory that your Bearded Dragon will adore!

CTGVH Basking Platform

CTGVH Turtles Basking Platform Tortoise Resting Rock with a Simulated Tree and a Bag of White Decorative Stones for Terrarium Aquarium Decoration…

This awesome platform doubles as a basking spot and a hide, and with its right-angle design it’s also a great space saver! Made from environmentally friendly resin it’s easy to clean, non-toxic, and safe for your Beardie — and it looks super realistic thanks to the expert craftsmanship. It comes with its very own imitation tree, moss, and has a naturally layered design. These features make it a great addition to a natural enclosure theme. This option is perfect for a variety of reasons — your Beardie’s sure to love it here!

Burrowed in Sand

Similar to a hide, the sand in your Beardie’s enclosure provides a sense of safety and gives them the option of  burrowing out of sight. While some Bearded Dragons prefer to sleep in their hides, others choose to burrow down into the sand — leaving just their faces exposed in order to breathe. Having clean, quality sand or other suitable substrate in your Beardie’s enclosure is essential for keeping them healthy. Check out these options for your next Beardie shopping trip:

Zoo Med Vita Sand

Zoo Med Vita Sand, 10 Pounds, Gold

This reptile sand from Zoo Med is a great choice for your Bearded Dragon’s enclosure. It’s an all-natural Calcium Carbonate and is ultra-fine to prevent impaction (the term for when reptiles eat substrate, blocking their intestines). It helps to increase your Beardie’s calcium absorption and is even fortified with Beta Carotene and vitamins for additional health benefits! For a reptile that spends so much time in the sand, this is a great option for keeping them clean, safe, and healthy.

JurassicNatural Australian Desert Natural Habitat

JurassicNatural Australian Desert Dragon Habitat 10lb Substrate for Bearded Dragons and Other Lizards, Red

Most of us know that Bearded Dragons hail from the land down under, which makes this next option perfect for your Beardie’s enclosure. JurassicNatural substrate is ethically sourced straight from central Australia, bringing them a little piece of home for their new digs! This substrate touts the benefits of stimulating natural Bearded Dragon behaviors through bringing their home environment to them, allowing them to feel like wild Dragons when they burrow and bask!

Zilla Desert Blend

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Bedding Substrate Desert Blend Walnut, 10-Qt.

This substrate from Zilla is designed with desert dwelling reptiles like the Bearded Dragon in mind. It’s created from super finely ground English Walnut shells, which mimics the feel of sand in the best of ways! This substrate is great for conducting heat to keep your Beardie warm and cozy and encourages natural burrowing and digging behaviors, creating perfect sleeping or hiding conditions. As an added bonus, it won’t scratch the glass of your enclosure like sand might, making it the ultimate choice for your Beardie’s substrate!

Beardie Beds

We’ve created custom beds for our dogs, cats, and other small pets, so our reptile friends should be no different, right? There are numerous accessories available for Bearded Dragons these days, from leashes to harnesses — even attachable wings! Reptiles are as much a part of the family as our other pets, and deserve their own special comforts, too. This is why there are beds specifically designed for your Beardie to sleep on, maximizing their comfort in their own private little palace. Try these on for size:

MRREPTILE Bearded Dragon Bed

MRREPTILE Bearded Dragon Bed Blanket, Reptile Sleeping Bag, Ideal for Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Tank or Cage

This bed is the ultimate accessory for your Bearded Dragon. Besides its adorable cactus design, it’s also quite functional — acting as a bed, blanket, hide and pillow all in one! Your Beardie will love lazing around on the bed and pillow, while the blanket provides a great hiding spot for sleeping or just getting out of the spotlight for a while. This bed and all its parts are machine washable, made from soft, comforting material, and will look great in your Beardie’s enclosure, too!

ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Hammock

Bearded Dragon Lizard Hammock 2 Pack Reptile Hammock Lounger Ladder Bearded Dragon Hammock Accessories for Bearded Dragons Geckos Lizards Reptile

While this option might serve better as a hang out spot for napping, it’s a great addition to your Beardie’s enclosure all the same. The ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Hammock is easy to install, is made from breathable nylon material, and will inspire your Beardie to climb and play before he decides it’s time for his nap! The green colored material blends well with natural-themed habitats, is washable, and will look amazing surrounded by a few leafy plants. Your Beardie will love hanging out on this hammock!

Lozerne Ultra Soft Small Pet Cushion

Lozerne Ultra Soft Cushion for Small Pets - Cozy Plush Sleeping Bag for Bearded Dragon, Lizard, Leopard Gecko, Reptile and Other Small Animals; Premium Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories

For Bearded Dragons that love the plush life, this ultra-soft cushion makes a great spot for naps and lounging. It’s made from lightweight, breathable material that’s super soft and easy to clean, giving your Beardie a comfortable spot for relaxing. You’ll love the plush feel of this so much you might wish you had a bigger one all for yourself! Though it may be a bit large for their enclosure, your Beardie will love this pad when he’s hanging out with you.