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Kittens are Cuter than Puppies Fact or Opinion?

Do you spend your free time watching endless adorable kitten videos online? Sorry to break it to you, but we’re probably not going to be friends.

See, I’m a dog lover. It’s not that I don’t like cats (I do!), but I can’t wrap my head around why people favor cats over dogs. Sure, they’re pretty cute when they’re small – but those darn claws that scratch EVERYTHING (including me!) and those pounces that come from nowhere. Yeesh! Give me a puppy over a kitten any day!

When it comes to the question of which is cuter kittens or puppies, everyone’s bound to have conflicting opinions. Here’s why kittens aren’t cuter than puppies – according to me, and a few science-backed facts.

Puppies Come Out Highest on the Cuteness Rating Scale

It’s not just me who thinks puppies are cuter than kittens. It’s been scientifically proven, according to the cuteness rating system. Yup, it’s a real thing!

Researchers have developed a cuteness rating scale based on objective measurements such as eye size, cheek chubbiness, and proportion of forehead to face. Turns out pups scored higher on this scale than kittens. And surprisingly, both scored higher than human babies! Strange, huh?

With their big, round eyes, large heads, and button noses, puppies look a lot like human babies – except according to the rating system, they’re far cuter than we are as babies.

According to another study, puppies reach peak cuteness at eight weeks of age. That’s around the time when their canine mammas leave them to take care of themselves. And when the human mammas step in!

Puppies are Better Behaved

When my dog Sammie was a pup, one of his favorite pastimes was stealing my shoes (or slippers) and chewing on them for hours. In spite of that, his destructive behavior as a puppy was incredibly minimal. Kittens, on the other hand: quite the opposite!

Tabatha, my tabby cat from years ago, was an adorable little ball of cuteness as a kitty. And she definitely used that to her advantage as she climbed the curtains, scratched the kitchen table chairs, and peed on the mat. She was certainly a destructive little being. It wasn’t until she got older when she eventually chilled out a lot more, that I stopped having to replace things – and saved a lot of money. Before that, I can’t count the dollars spent on replacement curtains, chairs, mats, clothing, and pretty much everything in the house. Even when kittens are litter trained, they can switch just like that depending on their mood. If it’s “I feel like peeing on the couch day,” I’m afraid you’re doomed.

Puppies are a lot easier to have around. With a higher understanding of commands, puppies are generally much more well behaved than kittens. And since you can train a pup better than you can a kitten, it’s easier to control destructive behaviors. Once they’re potty trained, for instance, it’s unlikely for a pup to break the new habit. With kittens, it all depends on whether they’re in the mood to f**ck up your day!

Plus, kittens hate being trained. And they’ll hate you even more for trying!

Puppies Don’t Scratch

One thing I strongly dislike about cats: their claws! Even as kittens, those claws are like mini knives – and they’re not afraid to use them. Play, hold, and cuddle a kitten for any longer than an hour and you’ll probably end up looking like you went to bed with Edward Scissorhands!

Pups, on the other hand, only nibble. These affectionate little souls don’t want to cause you pain, which is why they defend themselves either by barking or gently gnawing at you. It’s funny with pups because it actually makes them sad when they think they’ve hurt you.

I’ve joked around a couple of times with Sammie, pretending to cry over one of his fake bites. In the end I feel terribly guilty because he winds up whimpering and sitting closer to me – his way of apologizing.

You can also hold and cuddle a pup without ending up with an armful of slashes. With kittens and cats in general, scratches are part of the package. OUCH!

Puppies are More Playful

Kittens are temperamental. Sometimes, they’re incredibly playful and fun to hang out with. Other times, they just go and do their own thing. It’s like your best friend ghosting you.

Puppies are always happy to play, cuddle, and hang out. You don’t have to rely on them being in a good mood. And honestly, since I’ve already got so much going on in my life, I don’t have the capacity to deal with mood swings. A pup is far more stable.

There’s even a study that says dog owners consider their dogs more playful and active than cat owners view their cats. Since I’m a person who enjoys a lot of laughter in my life, I definitely find puppies cuter than kittens.

Puppies Will Always Greet You at the Door

Even if I’ve only nipped out to the shop for a few minutes, I can always guarantee I’ll return to a tail-wagging Sammie greeting me at the door. Because puppies are so affectionate, they’re always happy to see you – and a little blue when you’re gone. I always look forward to coming back home and getting that grand entrance greeting.

If you think your cat making an appearance at the door is a form of greeting, you’re seriously mistaken. He’s just hungry and waiting for dinner! Sorry, but you’ve been played! To your kitty, you’re pretty much just a food sign – and nothing else.

Puppies Lick with Love

Licking is your pup’s way of telling you how much he loves you. Frankly, I’d take a puppy lick over a kitty lick any day. Why? Because even though cat licking offers more benefits to the human skin, it doesn’t really feel motivated by love. To me, it just feels like kitty’s trying to – unsubtly – tell you that you stink. The cheek!

A pup’s lick is wet, messy, and slurpy, but it’s BRIMMING with love. Sometimes, a pup does it to express his love for you, while other times he’ll do it as a way of apologizing. Either way, licking is to a pup what kissing and cuddling is to a human. Plus, it isn’t followed by a random bite. A kitty’s lick might start off all nice and sweet until suddenly….teeth.

Maybe I’m paranoid but I sometimes get the impression that cats are always out to get their revenge. On us!

Puppies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

While there are many different breeds of cats, most of them don’t really vary much in shape and size. With pups, the difference between breeds can be huge. Take a Chihuahua and a Labrador for instance. It’s hard to believe they’re the same species because they differ so much.

All puppies are adorable, and there’s such a huge variety of breeds to choose from, you can choose whatever you find cutest. Some of my favorite puppy breeds include King Charles Spaniels, Pomeranians, collies, and labradors.

Pups are Far Less Sneaky

Move your foot, hand, or any body part for too long…and POUNCE…kitty’s wrestling with your limb! Claws out, teeth out…kitty’s having a field day! And you just never know the moment it’s going to happen.

Fortunately, pups don’t pounce. They’ll run straight up to you, sure. But there’s nothing sneaky about a pup. They act in the moment, and there’s no guesswork involved. With kittens, it’s almost impossible to outsmart them and you’re forever looking over your shoulder – literally.

Their Face Says it All

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never been able to read a kitten’s face. Pups, on the other hand, are extremely expressive creatures. You can pretty much tell what they’re thinking just by looking at their face. To me, that makes them extremely adorable and loveable!

One of my favorite expressions is the one when you catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing…and they’re just like…”UH OH!” Dog owners, you know the one!

You Have a Friend for Life in a Pup

From the moment you and your pup meet, an unconditional bond is formed. Over the years, you’ll laugh together, cry together, get tired together…and pretty much do everything else together. And with each passing year, your bond will only grow stronger. Friends fur-ever!

Pups love unconditionally. They’ll have your back for life, and will always be there when life gets tough. In fact, they’re probably the only thing in the world that can snap you out of any kind of bad mood in an instant.

I feel like kittens – though cute, cuddly, and sort of loving – are way too independent and single-minded to truly create an unconditional bond with. It’s definitely possible to create a connection with a kitten, but will it ever be as strong as that with a pup? I highly doubt it.

Which is cuter kittens or puppies?

Personally, I think pups are PAW-SOME!

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