man playing guitar

Do Dogs Like the Sound of Guitar?

If you’re a guitar player and you’re considering getting a dog, you might be wondering whether dogs actually like the sound of guitar…or any music for that matter. Even if you aren’t a musician, you may simply be curious as to whether dogs like listening to guitar.

Dogs are curious creatures. Sometimes they love certain things. Sometimes they hate certain things. I guess it’s all down to the individual, much like humans. There are people in the world that adore music and guitar playing (I’m one of them!), and then there are the people that dislike guitar music. Yes, really.

So, do dogs like the sound of guitar, or does it simply depend on the dog? Read on to find out more.

If it’s Soothing Guitar Music, then Yes

Most dogs are generally afraid of loud sounds. They find it scary and intimidating, which is why they’ll try to remove themselves from the situation by leaving the room or curling up under a table away from the music. It’s not that they’re a party pooper. It’s just that loud noises leave them unnerved, since noise always sounds much louder in a dog’s ears than it does in a human’s ears.

Rock guitar playing, for instance, is a genre your pooch probably won’t take to very well. Especially if you’re plugging in an amplifier too! In your dog’s ears, your rock guitar music sounds incredibly loud – far louder than it does to you. For that reason, your dog will probably find a place to hide or somewhere quieter in the house to curl up in.

Soothing guitar music, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect on your dog. If the tone isn’t high pitched, your dog might even enjoy listening to you play guitar. If you already have a dog, try playing a little light guitar music and pay attention to Fido’s reaction. Is he nervous, afraid, or looking to escape the room? That’s a sign he doesn’t like guitar music very much.

If he sits close to you or doesn’t seem bothered by the music, that’s a sign your dog enjoys listening to you play – or at least, doesn’t hate it. And that’s gotta be a good thing, right?

Howling Might Actually Be a Good Thing

Ever wondered why your dog howls when you play guitar? Dogs are excellent communicators. Some theories suggest that dogs howl to guitar music as a way of communicating and connecting with you. Or it could simply be canine expression.

In your dog’s ears, the sounds your guitar makes might be reminiscent of other familiar sounds for canines. This can be both a good and a bad thing. If you got your dog from an animal shelter, it could be that he had a traumatic upbringing and certain guitar sounds bring back those unpleasant memories. If your dog has enjoyed a long and happy life with you, he could simply be howling out of joy. Perhaps those sounds remind him of good memories and his canine roots, which spark feelings of happiness.

Like I mentioned before, it’s always worth paying attention to how your dog reacts when you play guitar to determine whether he’s happy, angry, or stressed. Obviously, it’s hard to distinguish between howls. However, you can look out for other signs like a drooping tail or wanting to leave the room. Don’t take it personally, though. Dogs can be kinda rude sometimes.

Some Dogs LOVE Acoustic Guitar Playing

If you need evidence that dogs like listening to guitar, this story will convince you. In 2017, a dog owner called Trench posted a video of his adorable golden retriever (Maple) nuzzling up to him with her stuffed animal elephant while he plays an acoustic version of Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Clearly, Maple is a guitar fan!

In a matter of months, the video racked up over 4.6 million views. Viewers loved the fact that this dog enjoyed listening to guitar music. She wasn’t stressed one little bit. In fact, rather the opposite. Maple appeared to be 100% at ease.

If your dog snuggles up to you when you play guitar, that’s definitely a positive sign. It means he or she feels perfectly satisfied with your guitar playing.

Some Dogs Even Play Guitar, Like This Talented Pooch

A most recent example of dogs liking the sound of guitar comes from a video posted in March this year. The clip shows a dog’s innovative way of playing guitar – using his tail.

Originally posted on TikTok and Instagram, the video shows a dog strumming the guitar strings using his tail – and boy did it gain the public’s attention. With over 167,000 views, people can’t get enough of this dog’s special skill. Dog lovers flooded this clip with comments, gushing over how awesome and talented dogs are. I mean…they definitely have a point!

It also shows that some dogs actually like the sound of guitar. If he didn’t like the sound of it, he wouldn’t continue to strum, would he? Some dogs would simply bounce away the moment they heard the strum of guitar strings. I know mine would have!

So maybe dogs really do like the sound of guitar…well, some of them anyway.