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17 Cute Animals That Love Spring

Don’t we all just love spring? It’s not too hot, not too cold, and flowers seem to be blooming at every turn. That is if you’re living in a fairytale, of course. Most of us don’t get woken up by the sweet melodies of birds, nor do we fling open our windows to smell the floral scents.

Instead, if I throw open my window on any given morning, I may just get flashed by my neighbor. Not exactly a beautiful spring landscape.

So if you, like most of us, wish you could have an idyllic spring where life is nothing but blossoms, butterflies, and birds chirping in the trees but your reality is much bleaker, here’s a compilation of the 17 cutest spring animals to make you forget you can see the guy in the apartment opposite you take a shower, and not in a good way.

1. Rabbits


What would a list of cute spring animals be without rabbits? I mean, Easter is basically dedicated to bunny worship, and that’s in April, which is spring! It’s challenging to forget rabbits when they have an entire springtime holiday named after them.

Beyond being adorable little ragamuffins, bunnies are actually fascinating creatures. They can change their diets with the seasons, and their teeth never stop growing, which explains why they’re constantly chewing something. Gotta file the chompers down.

And if you thought rabbits couldn’t get any cuter than they already are, wait until you hear about a binky. A binky is basically a little excited jump rabbits do when they’re especially happy, and can I tell you, I almost died when I saw a bunny do it the first time.

Being so cute should be illegal. No wonder rabbits have an international holiday that wasn’t always dedicated to them but now basically is.

2. Raccoons

racoon looking cute

Alright, I know raccoons aren’t exactly conventionally cute animals, but in the trash pandas’ defense, they are absolutely adorable if you just take a close enough look at them.

Raccoons are cuddly, fluffy, clever little bandits that aren’t uncommonly found in the dumpsters of suburbia. Sure, they eat from the trash and could probably take on a six-foot man in hand-to-hand combat, but at their core, there’s no denying they are cute as hell.

Plus, they’re intelligent too and are even smart enough to wash their food before they eat it, even if that food is a half-eaten four-day-old banana.

Raccoons made this spring list because that is the season they’re most active. They mate, have babies, and come out in full force to enjoy the warm weather, making them well and truly spring animals.

3. Deer


Deers are another class of adorable animals that seem to be made for spring. If you’ve ever seen Bambi, you’ll know what I mean when I say baby deer, or fawns, are some of the sweetest looking creatures on the planet.

What with their enormous eyes and innocence, they are pretty much the definition of cute. And for male deer, also called bucks, spring is especially special as their antlers start growing then.

If that’s not enough to convince you of deer’s springtime status, be sure the fact that most deer can destroy even the prettiest spring garden will probably get you there. I’m pretty sure they know just how adorable they are, and they’re capitalizing the hell out of it.

4. Cows

cow big face

Cows were probably not your first thought when coming up with a list of funny spring animals, but they sure are! Technically the word “cow” refers to females, and “bull” refers to males, but I’m sure we all know I’m talking about both genders here.

Cows often get the short end of the stick when it comes to perceived cuteness, and I can promise you the fact that they have almost 360-degree vision but can’t see what’s in front of them is side-splittingly hilarious and does nothing for their reputation.

I mean, if we have to be specific, not all cows are exceptionally cute, but babies sure are, and so are these cows who dance at the sight of green grass every spring.

If that’s not enough to classify them as 100% cute spring animals, I don’t know what is.

5. Horses


Horses are well and truly adorable springtime animals. Mares usually give birth to foals in the spring, which is well and genuinely heart melting on its own, but I think it can’t even slightly compare to the antics the others get up to once the weather gets warmer grass gets greener.

If you’ve ever seen a horse being turned out into a green field for the first time in six months, you’ll know what I mean. There’s neighing, rolling, prancing, and lifting of hooves far higher off the ground than necessary.

Every reaction of a horse to sweet, green grass and sunshine on its back instills the same sense of happiness and excitement in humans, and I think that’s something incredibly special.

It doesn’t help that some of these crazy antics may result from a magnesium deficiency, but since that’s a rare occurrence, I believe we are all free to revel in the unbridled joy of the springtime as seen through the eyes of a horse.

6. Chickens


Ah yes, who could make a list of cute animals without including chickens. Anyone, that’s who. I’m sure no one reading this article truly thinks chickens deserve to be on this list but hear me out: chicks.

I don’t think there is anything more adorable in this world than a tiny little chick running after its mother and squeaking in excitement when it’s time to eat.

Chickens are hardy omnivores, which contrast with their often gentle, easily scared appearances. Once spring arrives, serious egg-laying starts happening, and if you have a rooster around, get ready for hordes of chicks running about the place in no time. After the winter lull and freezing temperatures, even chickens are happy to be out and about again.

7. Goats


Ah yes, another unexpected entry on this list, but if you even dare to tell me goats are not adorable sweethearts, I will physically find you and challenge you to a duel.

Goats were one of the first animals ever domesticated by people thousands of years ago, and even if you think more people are eating steak than goat cubes, you’d be wrong. Sure, finding out one of the animals on the cutest spring creatures list is being mentioned for their delicious meat may seem a bit depressing, but it just goes to show how much we don’t know about these animals.

It probably also doesn’t make it any better that goats can recognize their name, come when called, and have the same lifespan as most dogs.

Thankfully, one of the main reasons goats love spring is because of the return of green herbs and a variety of vegetables for them to eat. If the only reason they love spring is because of the food, I guess it’s okay that I mentioned they sometimes are the food.

8. Otters


Otters are more than worthy of being on this list. And when considering spring baby animals, I’m 100% sure baby otters take the cake. There are 13 different species of otters all around the world, and all 13 of them are incredibly clever, quickly learning how to smash open clams, crabs, mussels, and other shellfish they find tasty.

Otters are generally divided into two groups: river otters and sea otters. It is sea otters we are most concerned with on this list, though, as they give birth in the spring to some of the most adorable blind, helpless baby otters that make my heart melt and wish they never go a day without fish in their lives.

I guess I’ve seen too many Animal Planet episodes to forget that otters often go hungry or are eaten by sharks.

But that’s not the point of this article. The fact is otters are adorable, and spring is their baby season, giving me all the more reason to think they are perfect for this list.

9. Birds


Considering I couldn’t even get through the introduction of this article without mentioning birds twice, it’s pretty obvious they deserve to make the list. Birds are synonymous with spring, their songs filling up the sweet-scented air and them fluttering from branch to branch in happy revelry. What you may not have noticed, though, is how cute these creatures are, especially when they’re babies.

Their fluffy little feathers, demanding tweets, and adorable faces are enough to melt any cynic’s heart which is why they’ve solidified their spot on this list forever.

10. Foxes


What is a list of spring animals without foxes? Incomplete, that’s what it is.

Foxes are some of the most famous spring animals around. These nocturnal creatures look more like cats than dogs, and they are very vocal, playful animals.

One of the most famous spring foxes is the red fox. Male and female red foxes usually mate in winter, and eventually, the female gives birth to four to six baby foxes in an underground den in spring.

Baby foxes are tiny little things that can’t hear or see and don’t have teeth. They are completely vulnerable and even more adorable, ensuring they stay on this list indefinitely. And if you need another reason to love foxes, mothers usually stay and nurse their offspring for at least three weeks after birth. Meaning most foxes are mommy’s boys and girls.

11. Butterflies


Butterflies make another unmissable entry on this list for one reason: they are synonymous with spring, and have you ever seen them up close?

Sure, butterflies are beautiful and majestic, but no one ever really calls them cute. That’s because most people don’t look close enough.

A butterfly’s body is basically a chunky little roll with antennas stuck to the front. If that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is, and if that’s not enough to impress on you their cuteness, just take some time to see how beautiful they are, how graceful, how gentle.

If you’re looking for animals who bring the “Awwww”s, butterflies are definitely it.

12. Squirrels


Finally, we get to the good stuff. If you had to be told squirrels are cute and that they are spring animals, I have only one question: what rock were you hiding beneath?

Squirrels are basically some of the most famous spring animals on the planet. They feature in every spring scene in every movie and fairytale, and I mean, have you ever seen a baby squirrel’s face? Go on, have a look and tell me your heart didn’t melt just a little.

And if you think cuteness is all squirrels have going for them, you’d be sorely mistaken. They’re smart enough to pretend to hide their food to ward off thieves, and they can even find their food stores hidden up to a foot beneath the snow when they get hungry.

In spring, they start foraging and collecting for winter again, and it’s also when some of their favorite foods like shoots and berries are in abundance, making them all very happy campers.

13. Chipmunks


Once you mention squirrels, there’s no way you can’t talk about chipmunks who are arguably the chubbier, squishier version of their bushy-tailed cousins. Chipmunks are made for surviving harsh winters, and in summer and spring, they can collect up to 165 acorns a day each.

In spring, chipmunks will only come out if it’s warm enough and most of the snow has melted. Around April, the mating season starts, and most chipmunks are out in full force.

Just like Theodore in Alvin and the Chipmunks, though, these creatures are notoriously lazy and sleep for up to 15 hours a day, only making appearances in the early mornings or late afternoons to stuff their cheeks with as many nuts as they can find.

14. Swans


What would spring be without swans? They are some of the biggest waterfowl out there and mate for life, all the more reason to love them for their adorable devotion.

Swans are often a symbol of love, peace, and happiness, which makes sense since they pair up for life and are most often found breeding during spring when females lay an egg once every few days.

Swans also hatch in the late spring or summer, bringing reminders of a favorite childhood movie; The Ugly Duckling.

15. Bears


If you’re about to protest, that bears aren’t cute, just look at a baby bear. I dare you. Sure, they may seem like scary, enormous beasts when they’re adults, but bear cubs are some of the cutest baby animals around.

And if that’s not enough to convince you of their worthiness, bears are extremely intelligent and highly emotional animals that will even grieve the loss of their companions.

Once spring comes around, bears scratch themselves up and down trees with rough bark so they can pull out and shed their winter fur. Once summer starts, though, you can often find them in rivers swimming or hunting for fish.

In many ways, bears are like furry uncles who spend their days outdoors, scratching themselves against trees and forever standing in the river to catch a fish or two.

Another reason spring is so important to bears is because they finally come out of hibernation, meaning it’s bulking season, and they are eating everything and anything they can get their paws on.

16. Bees


Where there are flowers, there will be bees, and since spring is the season for blooms and blossoms aplenty, it’s only logical bees will be out in full force.

They’re spring animals through and through, but they’re also pretty cute when you pay them enough attention. With their tiny wings, fluffy bodies, and high-pitched buzzing, they are icons of spring and buzzed their way into our hearts with animations like The Bee Movie, where flowers, springtime, and sweet honey nectar abound.

17. Skunks


I’ve left skunks for last because, let’s face it, if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to meet one on a bad day, I’m sure you don’t think they’re all that cute. But entirely from an appearance perspective, these animals are adorable with their black and white fluff and chunky bodies.

Skunks are very active in spring when it’s mating season, and baby skunks can even be born in late April, meaning they add even more cuteness in the form of tiny paws and only mild odorous sprays.

Sure, skunk cuteness is entirely objective, but if you’ve never been acquainted with the business end of one, I’m sure you can find a lot of features that make you say “aww.”