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8 Creepy Signs Your Cat Hates You

Let’s face it – cats are highly complex, emotional creatures. Unlike other animals, it’s often super hard to tell if a cat actually likes your company.

However, it’s really not your cat’s fault. Cats are fiercely independent because of their evolutionary history as solitary hunters. They are accustomed to hunting alone, eating alone, and sleeping alone – so they don’t express comfort and happiness the same ways that we do.

That being said, there are certainly some tell-tale signs that your cat adores you or wishes you would go play in rush hour traffic. For example, cats curl their tail around you, show you their tummy, and let out a joyful purr to show that they are grateful for your presence and loyalty.

On the other side of the spectrum, cats exhibit several behaviors to show that they are extremely displeased or generally – hate your presence entirely. Pay attention – these signs your cat doesn’t like you are easily overlooked!

Good Luck.

1. If They Turn Their Tail Down When You Walk In The Room…

cat tail_240621

That wiggly, fluffy tail actually serves a variety of purposes for your cat. It helps them keep their balance, leap high in the air, and even helps them squeeze into small spaces. Although not always successfully…remember the last lamp they broke?

But many people don’t know that a cat’s tail also indicates how they are feeling and, specifically, how they might feel about you…yes, that’s right. You can literally tell what your cat thinks of you through the actions of their tail.

According to Kelly C. Ballantyne, a veterinary behaviorist at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, a tail that is curved down towards the ground indicates that the cat is “agitated or feeling aggressive” towards a person, animal, or specific environment. This tail-down position could also mean that your cat is feeling defensive around you – which means they are ready to lash out if necessary. Watch out!

In a nutshell, if your cat’s tail is always turned down – he’s pretty unhappy that you’re around. Yikes.

2. If They Hiss At You For No Reason…

cat hissing 240621

This one seems like a “no-brainer” – right? As cat owners, we know that when a cat opens her mouth to let out the dreadful hiss, she must be angry about… something. Could it be you? Did you forget to fill up the food bowl… again? Are you standing too close to her prized hunt and she’s worried you’re going to steal it?

Don’t freak out just yet. Experts agree that a normal amount of hissing is… well, normal. Cats often let out this demonic, snake-like sound because they’re in pain, stressed out, or uncomfortable with their environment. But a hissing cat should not be taken lightly. This response is usually a “warning that more aggressive behavior, such as biting or scratching, is coming.”

So, if your cat is consistently directing this creepy aggression towards you – it might be a sign that he hates you and would prefer that you crawl into a deep hole…sorry.

3. If They Pin Their Ears Back…

cat ears back 240621

Have you ever seen a cat so angry that they flip its ears back? Totally creepy, Voldemort vibes.

You tend to see this most often when there’s a dog around. Because sometimes, cats get totally freaked out by those large, jumpy animals.

But what does it actually mean? According to experts, a cat who flattens his ears back could be experiencing “a range of negative feelings – from slightly annoyed to afraid to aggressive.”

Oh great – a guessing game. But yes, unfortunately – “slightly annoyed, “afraid,” and “aggressive” are all negative emotions that you don’t want to elicit from your feline companion.

Honestly, by the time your cat’s ears are pinned flat against its head, it’s already ready to fight you. In fact, cats instinctively pin their ears back to protect them from clawing, scratching, and biting. So, just by doing this – they are already signaling that they are ready to take you on.

The real question is – what did you do? Did you forget to feed Gus his breakfast? Or does he just really hate you? If you want to be on the right side of your cat, try to do a few more things to please him.

4. If They Poop Everywhere But The Litter Box…

cat in litter box 240621

This is probably the most creepy, irritating (and maybe genius) sign on the list. As we know, cats are extremely intelligent creatures. When a cat is trained to use the litter box, it’s pretty rare for them to suddenly unlearn this habit. This means that if your cat is pooping on your pillow while you’re at the grocery store, it’s no accident. It’s probably on purpose. What??? Yep, it’s pretty brutal.

However, you might not have to get rid of Fluffy just yet. According to ASPA, there are a variety of reasons your cat is refusing to use the litter box. Cats often find somewhere else to go if their litter box isn’t clean enough or if they can’t easily access it. Cats can be super picky about where they poop.

Before you call the animal shelter, try giving the box a good deep cleaning or move it somewhere out in the open. If that doesn’t work, your cat probably hates you and she’s just trying to get under your skin. Is it working?

5. If They Ruin All Your Furniture…

cat on sofa_240621

Remember when you bought that brand new white leather armchair and your cat immediately decided to rip it to shreds? You found the purrfect piece of furniture to match your new rug and waited weeks for it to be delivered. Pure evil.

Okay, okay. This behavior doesn’t always mean that your cat is possessed by the devil. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat hates you.

In fact, scratching is a totally normal, instinctive cat behavior. Cats will scratch almost anything they can get their claws on to “express emotions, like excitement or stress, to mark objects with their scent, to remove the dead part of their nails and, often, just to get a good stretch.”

But – just ask yourself: How many times has this happened?

If your cat is constantly ruining everything you own with his razor-sharp daggers, he might actually hate you.

6. If They’re Always Giving You That Creepy Stare…

cat creepy stare red eyes

How to tell if a cat hates you? The stare!

You know what I’m talking about – that blank, emotionless, “I’m plotting your future death” stare.

This behavior is pretty easy to ignore or blame on other factors (I mean, maybe Mittens is just hungry?). You might think your cat is just innocently watching you from afar, but that serial-killer gaze might mean something more. If your cat regularly watches you but doesn’t seem to be upset about anything, in particular, it could be a sign of aggression.

To make matters worse, staring is a tell-tale sign of offensive aggression (as opposed to defensive aggression) – according to the ASPCA. By definition, “offensive aggression” is characterized by aggression, territoriality, a quick loss of temper, and other offensive behavioral traits.

To sum it up, if your cat consistently shoots this creepy stare at you, he might actually be plotting your aggressive demise. All you can do is hope his hatred for you won’t result in a “quick loss of temper.” Fingers Crossed.

7. If They Bite Or Scratch You To Avoid Being Touched…

cat biting hand

Okay. This one is pretty hard to ignore.

It’s true – cats don’t like being touched or held all the time and some cats are pretty particular about who and when they want to be petted. But, it’s also true that if your cat turns into an aggressive little snake every time you go to show him some love – he might just have a problem with you and not the touching.

According to experts, cats often bite, scratch, growl, and show their teeth to communicate aggression or signal overstimulation. This means that if your cat turns into a seasoned MMA fighter every time you go to pick her up, she’s trying to tell you that she is not enjoying the experience – and, she may not even enjoy you at all.

Before you have an epic meltdown – you should also know that there are several other reasons why cats bite and scratch their owners. Just think – how did you play with Mittens when she was a kitten? Did you allow her to bite you with her tiny teeth? It’s possible that your cat learned this behavior and is just trying to have a little fun.

Some cats even bite and scratch as a form of communication or demand for attention. I guess it’s up to you to make the distinction – Does your cat hate you or does he just want more Meow Mix?

8. If They Hide In Creepy Places Just To Avoid You…

cat hiding in cupboard 240621

Have you ever wondered why your cat is always hiding under your bed or in the depths of your closet? Many people believe that this is just because these hiding places are dark, warm, and comfortable – but that’s not always true.

Hiding can be an instinctual behavior for cats. For instance, cats often find cozy places to hide out when they are sick, hurt, or pregnant. But, you should also know that many cats hide due to stress, fear, and avoidance. Is it possible that your cat is searching for the perfect hiding spot to avoid you? Maybe.

We know it’s hard to hear, but it could actually be that he’s trying to hide from you because, to put it simply, he hates you!

If your cat missed his dinner and is nowhere to be found, consider taking him to the vet. Otherwise, you might need to make peace with the fact that your cat actually hates you.

And if you want to get back on his good side, try treating him to some tasty dishes, a lot of belly rubbing, clean litter boxes, and tons of attention – it won’t be long before your cat LOVES you again.