Can sitting down like a human

11 Hilarious Examples of Cats Doing Human Things

Let’s face it – cats are utterly hilarious. They’re cute, awkward, bold – and, they basically do whatever they want and don’t care what you think about it. That’s what we love about them, right?

Do you know what’s even more hilarious? Cats acting like humans. Specifically, cats doing human things and acting like it’s completely normal. You’ve probably watched many hilarious cat videos or maybe you love awwing over adorable cat snaps? Either way, cats really are the best.

If you really think about it, cats and humans aren’t that different. We often partake in the same daily activities. Both humans and cats take naps, are sometimes horrified by their reflection, and carve out time for some cardio.

In fact, new research suggests that cats actually learn to mimic their owner’s human behaviors over time. Cats often “mirror their owner’s eating habits, sleeping habits, and overall activity patterns.” I mean, who else do they have?

Knowing this, it makes sense why we are always catching our cats in the “human-act.” Cats are just copying what they see – and what they see is us!

And it’s absolutely hilarious.

I’ve found some of the most hilarious examples of cats doing human things below. Take a read, and enjoy! Seriously, be prepared to literally LOL!

1. Spending Extra Time In Front Of The Mirror

Cat looking shocked while staring at mirror

I don’t know about you, but I totally understand this look of terror… on a deeper level. You know that feeling you get when you pass by a reflective surface after a week of stuffing your face over the Holidays?

“Oh no. Is that really what I look like? Maybe if I look at myself from this angle…”

This cat is hilariously demonstrating the most human-like task of all – checking himself out in the mirror. But as we know, one mirror just isn’t enough. He needed two mirrors to get a good view of the holiday damage and he’s shocked – to say the least.

He’s kind of like me when I’m trying to get my hair right in the morning. I move between several mirrors checking it out from different angles to make sure I’ve really nailed my ‘do.

Step away from the mirror – unfortunately, it won’t change a thing!

2. Taking a Cat Nap

Cat Taking a nap

Life can be exhausting. And when we’re exhausted, we need a quick way to push the ‘reset button’ so that we can get on with our daily activities. So, what do we do?

Nap. Ahh – sweet relief.

On a good day, humans might be able to sneak in an afternoon nap or a quick snooze after work – if we’re lucky. For me, nothing starts off a nap quite like reading a couple of chapters of my favorite book. Think about it –you lay down, settle in, start reading a book, and then…zzz…

This sleepy kitty has the whole nap thing down to a science. Step 1 – get comfortable. Step 2 – grab your favorite, nap-approved book. Step 3 – snore-city.

In fact, cats actually require more sleep than humans on any given day. This means that cats are superior-nappers and they probably have humans beat on this one. So, really – who’s copying who?

Then again, I’d have to say I give cats some tough competition on the weekend. Yep, I nap a lot – and just like cats, I’m not ashamed of it. I love to snooze!

3. Feeling The Beat

Okay – be honest. When you hear your favorite Beyonce or Rihanna song blasting through the speakers – what is your first gut reaction?

Your foot starts tapping…head starts bobbing…you begin to hum the chorus – and, before you know it – you’re having a private concert in your bathroom (with choreographed dance moves, of course). We’ve all been there – many, many times!

Well, these cats are with us. No matter what song is playing, these cats have demonstrated that they can’t resist a good beat. Watching this video truly makes me question my own dance moves.

Don’t tell anyone, but these cats have way better moves than me…

4. Taking a Bathroom Break

Say goodbye to kitty litter! Apparently, cats can use the toilet just like humans do – and this cat is anything but pee-shy. Whaaaat? Yep, it’s true. Now I already knew cats were super smart, but human toilet trained? Now that’s something to be amazed by!

Just like us, cats know the struggle of working in that sacred bathroom break in between daily tasks. For example, if I have a work meeting at 9:00 am and a phone call at 11:00 am, I probably need to make time for the bathroom around 10:00 am. Bathroom breaks are a daily human ritual and necessity.

According to this hilarious video, cats are no different. Cats also have to work in that sacred bathroom break and I’m sure that it’s a terrible struggle to do so. Just imagine – this cat had to block off time in his extremely busy schedule of napping and licking himself to get some peace and quiet in the bathroom! Such a hard life.

Admit it, you’re just as stunned as I was when I first watched this video!

5. Pulling Pranks Just For Fun

You have to respect a well-planned prank (even if you’re the victim!) The only exception is if someone dumps cold water in my warm, relaxing shower – a prank that is definitely prohibited in my home. Seriously, you’d regret it big time if you messed up my shower time!

For most pranks – you might be terrified and annoyed for a couple of seconds, but it’s all in good fun, right? This sneaky kitty certainly thinks so.

This cat found the purrrfect way to scare her dog-brother – hide in an unassuming cardboard box, wait until the dog sniffs around, and then – gotcha! It’s the most hilarious thing ever.

If nothing else, this video is proof that, like humans, cats love a good laugh (and scaring the poop out of dogs!) And is there really anything more entertaining than that? I can’t think of much.

6. Squeezing In A Quick Workout

“Ugh – Do I have to go to the gym today? Maybe I’ll just walk a mile on the treadmill…”

We’ve all been there – and so have these cats…apparently. It’s been an excruciatingly long day of work and all you want to do is grab a pint of ice cream, sit on the couch and binge on that Netflix series you love. But, sigh – I guess it’s time to get some exercise in. So, instead of battling rush hour traffic to get to the gym – you decide to suffer through an at-home workout. Ugh.

Well, these cats have a similar thought in mind. Who needs to hunt mice outdoors when there’s a perfectly good treadmill indoors? Totally understandable.

7. Applying the “5-Second Rule”

Cats drinking up milk

Picture this: You’re in the kitchen, chowing down on your favorite late-night snack (peanut M&M’s for me) – when you clumsily drop one (or five) pieces on the ground.

Oops. Did anyone see that? Five Second Rule!

I mean, to be fair, you swept and mopped a few days ago, so, it’s totally sanitary. You pick up the M&M’s, pop them in your mouth, and carry on with your evening. Don’t lie – we all do it.

These cats are taking the “5-Second Rule” and “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk” to a whole new level. You said it yourself – you swept and mopped a few days ago – totally sanitary. Plus, they don’t want to let the milk go to waste! They’re just trying to help out around the house.

8. Throwing a Pity Party

crying cat

Ugh – Could this day get any worse? You know what I’m talking about. One of those days where you spill coffee on your white blouse, you’re late for work and it’s raining, there are no parking spots left, you forgot to pay rent before the office closes, you burnt the casserole, and to top it all off – your WIFI is out. Gasp!

On days like this, I just want to pout – and, I usually do. I change into food-stained sweatpants, grab the coziest blanket, instruct everyone to leave me alone, and lay down… pretty much anywhere – the floor works. Or, I just laze on the couch and watch a few comedies in a row on Netflix. It soothes the stress, it really does.

Yep, a full-blown pity party. Anyone else been there?

This cat is experiencing agonizing sadness because her owner has to work late. That means – no treats, no cuddles, no attention. So, what does she do? Drown her sorrows in a pity-party pool. Or maybe she’s just sad that her WIFI’s down too? No more cat memes for her to laugh at!

Sulk, pout, and wine all you want – we’re right there with you. Seriously, we feel your pain. Wanna chill on my couch next to me? We can sulk together! I’ll get me ice cream, I’ll get you a nice juicy can of tuna.

9. “Patiently” Waiting For Dinner Time

You know the feeling – it’s far past your usual dinner time and you’re stuck at a stupid social gathering, waiting for a moment that you can “Irish Goodbye.” You’re soooo hungry and your only focus is getting home so you can pop that pepperoni pizza in the oven – and feast. Anyone been there?

When I get caught in this dreadful situation, nothing can stop me. I’ll repeat the words, “I’m starving” until someone finally listens and gets me some food. And the trouble is, when I’m hungry, I get “hangry.” You know the feeling…snapping at everyone around you until you get some grub.

This cat hilariously shows us the real meaning of “hangry.” He can’t believe that his owners would sit there and enjoy their dinner when his food bowl is completely empty. The audacity.

So, like us humans, this cat is going to make his hunger known until someone does something about it. In his defense, it’s past dinner time. I mean, come on. What are they thinking?

10. A Sibling Rivalry

Siblings are tough. Admit it, you wish your sis was just a tad less controlling? Or that your bro didn’t harp on so much about his work?

Even as an adult, I find myself stuck in a text-fight with my older brother on a weekly basis. When we were kids, disagreements took the form of wrestling and pushing. As expected, our mom was never happy about this conflict resolution. But you know, we did it anyway and really didn’t care. That’s just how it is.

These cats are hilariously taking sibling rivalry to the next level. I mean, can you think of a better way to handle a disagreement? I don’t know about you, but I’m laughing my head off watching this. Is there anything more entertaining??? I can’t think of anything.

Well, these guys decided to take note of how their humans handle a household argument – with a true sibling duel.

May the best cat win!

11. Snoring Like An Actual Human

Sometimes, the sleep is just that good. Sometimes, the sleep is just so good that you might just let out a snore.

Snoring is very human – it typically occurs when “air flows past relaxed tissues, such as your tongue, soft palate, and airway, as you breathe.” I’m not going to lie, I can sometimes be a snorer – especially when it’s been a super hard day. I just seem to snore my troubles away. So, I guess we can say that super relaxation = super snores!

Anyway, if that’s the case, this kitty is very relaxed. If I closed my eyes, I couldn’t distinguish Thunder’s snores from my husband’s. No judgment though – keep on relaxing, Thunder! I’m with you, dude. I feel you! You just keep on enjoying your sleep – don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

Sleep is a priority if snoring gets in the way of another person’s sleep? Well, so what? I need my rest.