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Top 22 Animals That Are So Ugly They’re Cute

Everyone loves a cute, fluffy, fuzzy animal. We always seem to gravitate towards those animals which are cute! We love their large heads, large eyes, and small bodies – traits that seem to turn on the switch for just being cute! But not all animals are blessed with good looks. Some animals are so ugly they’re actually cute.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the world’s ugliest, cutest animals. There are lots of these animals around that are so ugly they’re cute, so we’re going to tell you about our favorites. Let’s get started.

1. Three-toed Sloth


With their long, sharp nails and sharp stained teeth, you might think sloths are ugly creatures. And while they are probably the slowest animals in the world, they might also be one of the ugliest – cutest!

They have coarse brown fur and markings around their eyes that make them look oh-so cuddly and cozy. But don’t pick one up to give it a hug – a sloth that feels threatened can claw or bite! Sloths spend most of their time hanging upside down in trees because they are too slow to run from predators.

Enjoy these cuties from a distance, and they won’t cause you any harm.

2. Hairless Cat

Hairless Cat

Also known as the Sphynx, the beauty of the hairless cat indeed lies in the eyes of its beholder. Looking more like a demon than a cute, cuddly kitty, you might be surprised to learn these cats are actually quite endearing and social. Hairless cats love to be involved in everything you do, and they’ll be quick to give their opinion, too!

Countryside Veterinary Clinic says these ugly cuties can be mischievous, talkative, energetic, and don’t like to be alone. They get cold easily, though, so keep them warm in bad weather!

3. Axolotl


I never knew what an axolotl was until my son began playing Minecraft. I thought it was imaginary, with tadpole-like features and a fluffy mane. But the truth is, axolotls are real! According to Blue Reef Aquarium, axolotls are endangered salamanders.

While they look sort of surreal, they’re actually kind of cute because they retain those tadpole-like features all through their adulthood. Don’t let this ugly-cuteness fool you, though. While axolotls are hardly dangerous to humans, they are carnivores and are always hunting for their next meal!

4. Black Rain Frog


The Black Rain Frog looks like it is in a perpetual bad mood. However, this grumpy Gus face is actually quite adorable when you think about it!

Oneearth.org says these little guys are dark brown to black in color, and they will puff up when it feels threatened. You’ll typically find them burrowing up to 6 inches deep to find moisture and a little privacy.

During mating time, the female creates a sticky substance so the male frog can’t escape! Then, he happily guards the eggs until they hatch.

5. Turtle Frog

Turtle Frog

Is it a turtle, or is it a frog? Looking like a strange new Pokemon, this little guy will win your heart with his ugly-cute face. The turtle frog resembles a turtle without its shell. It ranges in color from light pink to light brown, giving it a cartoonish appearance.

These frogs burrow deep underground, and a male and female will live together for a couple of months before mating. A female can lay up to 50 eggs at a time, according to the Western Australian Museum. There’s no tadpole stage for these frogs – they hatch into tiny, fully developed turtle frogs.

6. Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole Rat

The Naked Mole Rat is more closely related to a guinea pig than a mole or a rat, according to the San Diego Zoo. Naked Mole Rats are desert dwellers that live underground. When it is chilly, they huddle together in a big pile to keep warm.

They look pretty ugly in an adorable kind of way, with their hairless, wrinkled, pink skin and their long scary teeth. They use their long, ugly teeth to eat the roots of plants that grow through their tunnels. And these funny creatures will eat their own poop to get the most out of the food they eat.

7. Sea Pig


Sea pigs are pink, ghostly animals that look kinda like pigs and live at the bottom of the ocean. Technically a sea cucumber, these little piggies are kind of ghostly yet cute! They walk across the sea floor looking for scum and can be found in groups of a hundred or more where food is abundant. They’ll mostly all be facing the same direction, too, because they like to look headfirst into the current.

According to wired.com, they have feet on their head! Those feet look like antennae. These might be one of the ugliest, cutest animals on earth!

8. Platypus


This conglomeration of animals can’t possibly be cute, or can it? The platypus looks like it has a duck’s bill, a beaver’s tail, and otter’s feet! However, this ugly mishmash of parts is actually quite cute! This mammal can stay submerged under water for up to two minutes while it hunts for food.

What isn’t cute about a platypus? But, unfortunately, it is one of the only venomous mammals! Male platypi can pack quite a nasty punch with the venom in its hind feet, says the National Ocean Service.

9. Snub Nosed Monkey

Snub Nosed Monkey

With facial features that resemble a skeleton, the snubnosed monkey doesn’t look like it has an actual nose, but just two nostrils where a nose should be! But don’t be scared of this ugly critter. It’s actually quite cute!

Check out this silly monkey munching on his favorite food so you can decide for yourself if he is ugly or actually cute.

10. Wombat


You might not think a giant rodent is actually cute, but if you see a wombat, this is one cute burrowing mammal. They are technically related to a koala and are considered to be an agricultural pest, says Bush Heritage.

They are natural herbivores and don’t have excellent eyesight. They are the largest burrowing mammal that exists, and they are endemic to Australia. They have very low metabolisms, and their poop is surprisingly cube-shaped. Is this creepy? Ugly? Or Just plain cute?

11. Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

Do you shriek when you see a spider jumping across the floor? Do you think they are creepy and ugly? Maybe you haven’t seen the jumping spider…. But, on the other hand, it’s so ugly you might just think it’s cute!

There are over 6000 varieties of jumping spiders, according to livescience.com. But what most of them have in common are four pairs of forward-facing eyes and a certain fuzziness that gives them the appearance of a tiny muppet! Ugly? Yes. But also seriously cute.

12. Celestial Eye Goldfish

Celestial Eye Goldfish

The celestial eye goldfish, or stargazer, is a plain old goldfish with giant, upward-facing eyes. Itsafishthing.com says these goldfish are docile, but their vision is poor, and they don’t maneuver very well. So while they aren’t too difficult to care for in your tank, make sure you don’t have any aggressive fish mates.

Those great big eyes and the slightly downturned mouth make this silly fish so ugly it is actually cute.

13. Irrawaddy Dolphin

Irrawaddy Dolphin

There may only be about 19 of these unusual dolphins left, according to wordwildlife.org. However, the bulging forehead and short beak make them a sight to behold, especially with their 12 to 19 teeth on each side of their jaws. These endangered animals can weigh up to 440 pounds.

Irrawaddy dolphins look like the pug equivalent in the dolphin world – kind of ugly, yet very very cute.

14. Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab

You might not think crabs are cute, but the yeti crab just might be! It is covered with fuzzy hairs, and they thrive near thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean.

They can’t see, but they eat the bacteria that grows on the hairs of their arms. The hairs may also be a type of sensory organ to help them find food and mates. These eerie-looking crabs were only discovered in 2005. You can find more about Yeti crabs here.

15. Patagonian Mara

Patagonian Mara

It looks like a crazy cross between a rabbit and a prairie dog, but the Patagonian mara is actually a large cavy. It has a temperament and activity level similar to its relative, the guinea pig.

They actually make pretty good pets, and their care is similar to a guinea pigs – although they are much, much larger! Although they might be ugly, these cavies can grow to the size of a small to medium sized dog and might even be able to walk on a leash. Isn’t that cute?

16. Pink Fairy Armadillo


Similar to a mile, the pink fairy armadillo is the smallest species of armadillo. Its also known as the sand swimmer because of how easily it can navigate underground. These little guys are so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand.

They have funny-shaped feet, which are just right for digging through the dirt, and they can pump blood through their shells to regulate their temperature when it is hot. But, according to a-z-animals.com, these armadillos have very low metabolisms and are almost entirely nocturnal.

17. Tufted Deer

Tufted Deer

A deer with fangs does not sound cute, but this one is so ugly it actually is cute!

Male tufted deer have tusks that they use for fighting other males to win their favorite female’s affection. And they all have tufts of fur on their forehead, which make them look like they are wearing a hat.

According to factanimal.com, these little deer are somehow related to whales! We just don’t know how that’s possible, but we think these are some really ugly cute animals.

18. Green Anole

Green Anole

Lizards are kind of ugly unless they are so ugly they’re actually cute! The green anole is often kept as a pet for its easy care. Surprisingly, although it isn’t a chameleon, it can change colors from green to brown, according to nhpbs.org. In addition, its eyes can move independently of each other, and it only notices prey when it is moving.

19. Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog

This somewhat hairless dog is kind of an acquired taste, although it is very affectionate and playful, according to the AKC. They have spotted pink skin and soft, fluffy hair on their ears, heads, tails, and feet.

They weigh 8 to 12 pounds and live up to 18 years of age. So you’ll totally forgive them for their ugly looks when you see their cute puppy dog eyes and playful romping!

20. Warthog


Warthogs may look ferocious, but they’re really just an uglier version of a pig. With big scary tusks, and warty faces, these heavyweights are so ugly they’re actually cute.

But don’t worry, they’re herbivores just rooting around and looking for their next meal. However, National Geographic says these beasts can run up to 30mph when startled. So they’re more likely to run than fight, and they back into their small dens so you can see their ugly tusks.

21. Hammerhead Bat

hammerhead bato

This giant bat has a 38-inch wingspan and a head that looks like it belongs on a moose! But its big nose and large face are rather endearing qualities that actually make it look cute.

Don’t worry, though. This giant bat mostly feasts on fruit, according to batcon.org. It loves to eat figs, bananas, and mangos and is often considered an agricultural pest.

The male has a larger face than the female, which enables it to make a honking type call.

22. Naked Neck Chickens

Naked Neck Chickens

Is it a turkey, or is it a chicken? A chicken with a naked neck is so ugly it might actually be cute! My naked neck chickens are docile, curious, and surprisingly sweet. They’re all about the snacks, so when you come to my house, you’ll find a flock running right at you. Don’t be intimidated by the rooster, though. He just wants to see if you have something good to eat.

I’ve noticed these chickens are very cold-hardy – in spite of their featherless necks, they don’t seem to mind the cold. No matter how ugly they are, when a chicken runs to you – it’s just cute!